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  1. My Mondeo has 17" alloys which are fitted with 215/50 profile tyres. 225/45 profile tyres are significantly cheaper and there's a far greater range on offer too. Does anybody know if this tyre profile is approved by Ford and if there are any less-than-obvious issues in changing that I should be aware of? (Had the same issue several cars back with a Vauxhall Vectra which originally had 215/50 17" - helpfully, Vauxhall listed a range of approved tyre profiles for their wheel sizes, including 225/45. Ford don't seem to do that.) Thanks.
  2. Wrong Tyres??

    R14 means a 14 inch diameter and R13 means a 13 inch diameter (across the inner rim of the tyre) so it would appear that your car is on non-standard wheels.
  3. Watch Out For Them Potholes

    It'll polish out.
  4. Avon Tyres Any Good ? Anybody Had Them?

    Bit of a thread-from-the-dead, but I have tried Avon ZZ3 and Avon ZV5 on both Focus and Mondeo, and don't like either. I find them a bit vague in terms of feel and they wear quickly too (I do most of my mileage on B-roads.) After some experimenting, I found Uniroyal Rainsport 2s to be a good mid-price tyre for the Focus. I haven't tried them on a Mondeo yet.