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  1. Thanks for the reply's guys. when i changed the egr valve, i did mean to change the fuel filter, but for some reason never got round it, but yes i would agree it would be a cheap thing to try.
  2. I have myself a mk6 (56 plate) fiesta. 1.6tdci my issue is, it idles lumpy, and this morning it wouldn't even idle, it would just cut out, and struggle to start. also if u park it facing up hill a little, the fuel system will need bleeding, I've become a pro at doing this now. what I've done so far, the egr valve was faulty and has been replaced with a new one, i have also bought a blanking plate which still needs to be fitted. also so cleaner has been added to the last tank of fuel. i have read that an O ring set can be bought to replace all the fuel systems O rings, as this is what i thinks wrong with the hill parking, but the rough idle i lost on, could it be an air sensor or idle sensor? any help would be great. thanks in advance