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  1. Looks like this In the bigger pic i saw the vertical intercooler so knew it was gonna b 3cylinder
  2. I have a titanium and a 13 plate one of the very first and never heard them going bang unless mapped wront or too high ... mines is the 125ps model best all rounder 100 lacks torque and 140ps lacks mpg plus have to pay a little tax plus the 125 and 140 map pretty much the same anyway if you want to map them i was running bluefin 150ish bhp took 0-60 time down to 8.3s with car full of stuff lol My car is almost 4yr old not had one issue at all car is amazing getting 40-43mpg average and taking car to 165bhp roughly with revo soon so speed is fast enough - free tax too! If i was you search tor titanium x they are rare but can be found If not titanium only a couple things it hasnt got but can be optional extras so maybe some has a good too to use is Ford etis google it and type in the reg of the car your after and it will tell you all the info you need Here is my car
  3. Kieran ye spelled the discount wrong its "JDOU10" :P
  4. Look at my project page to get some ideas a love leds I even have them on my dipped beams lol all blue like me too here's my car when it's dirty haha
  5. Yeah it is but they might be a bit blue lol 8k is very blue
  6. I would say impact blue hides dirt better haha but personal choice I preferred my nautical blue titanium 5 door lol Pic of my car when it was dirty haha
  7. Autobeam is a great company actually owned by actually fellow FoC'er Add my code to get 10% off JDOU10 Both good kits from what I've heard on fb and seen by talking to the owner
  8. I think willy will go with night breaker lasers but I had night breaker from getting my car and these were better for me but as cookey said for the 9k lumins one would be interesting I've even found 12k lumins oneself at 6k kelvin
  9. @Jonro2009 the @ didn't work because you need to type name in them selected it from list that appears underror it hehe
  10. Yeah so see them n get a remap might even be fore free haha See most thinks are American made so don't see bodykits over here much unfortunately
  11. @biff55 all I did was follow instructions bud take ring off place in the bulb holder then you push light in one 1/4 turn and hey presto it's in just mind n plug it in Better just to call instead of getting a quote buddy some insurances give you a paper charge
  12. See i didnt mind cutting mines as i could get another couple for 15 off ebay :) all mods need to be declared buddy it saves all the hassle :)
  13. Well i made a diagram for you bud its a 45 degree cut then cut circle out middle and a tiny triangle at one end of each cut this is for the wire to fit through you pull the full cover over the lights back end with wire through that little triangle and put light in holder one 1/4 turn and just sort the cover till its all fitted and your done :) WOOO! read below @Willy do this willy hehe! as i forgot to just type @ and a name for eg @Jonro2009 ps paramanic :P the remap is new because of the engine celtic tuning does one but what to do is message superchips see if they need a test car bud :P also check out ali express for stuff mate for example
  14. Yeah they are fine bud @Willy i think ordered these ones bud too and would be interesting either his fly eye also as a lot ppl can't see through fly eye all the time haha and basically without fans less noise but lower lumins and only go to around 50c where fans get hotter but with the fan it cools it down to be the same or even to be lower and gives off brighter light in return lol
  15. As @biff55 said can get 72w and have brighter light than my set @Cookey09 and we can compare them to these via light output build quality etc too never know if they are better a might get a set of them too haha I'm happy with these atm and the fan less approach in checked on there fb page only goes to 50 odd degrees which is amazing the one with fan goes hotter but with fan it decipates it a lot lower so goes Cooler because of fan and would be interesting to see the brightness of these bud keep us up to date @Jonro2009 so what you are telling us is that you were pole dancing your mondeo lol surely cant be too hard buddy I seen lots of aftermarket stuff for new mondeo and quite like them myself too and I agree with the 5000k usable light lol well I have spoken to night eye themselves and they were asking what we wanted a said a led light that's 5000k and they said it is possible and are now looking into it 😃