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  1. Thanks man and ye should have came over :o was interested in seeing your car as a seen a pic on fb (I'm James Dougal btw) and it looked good a while ago I might be going to Ford fest at Santa pod :)
  2. at ford fair cleaning before lol
  3. Intake it you found your bulb type?
  4. ps there legal because they are bulbs :)
  5. try car enhancements uk or google CEUK ive used them for my lights and know the guy who owns it there brilliant my lights look like HID's but OEM look nice and white :)
  6. Why not go for something different? like a bulb you put in your indicator it turns into a DRL and a led indicator i seen a guy do this was very easy and simple to do called switchbacks need to find them though found some ebay for 25 and some on ali express for 15 make sure you get the resistor too :)
  7. i also have bluefin and now my gearbox (after ford fair on way home) started doing this not going to first and second car isnt under warranty after june there asking 200 just to strip box ...............................ugh
  8. No problem at all! Wee bit of bossy Scotsman for ye all in the morning :p reason which I love our stand is it's all different cars from standard to modified old to new even the people are all walks of life which is amazing! The old couple with there Wee fez melted ma wee heart! Well for next year am gonna look into a free instant messenger to add to forum or FOC but also simple have a look out there for more communication without ties to phone numbers etc This would make the stand improve to let pal know when and what time to say meet up before Ford fair (even outside silverston) go in together to sort display out so people can get in and go more quickly with less flaff :) luckily am not shy either lol But all the different variables for our stand makes our stand amazing! Thanks what a big change! From standard eh! Well need to improve for next year gonna get stuff made up and put it next to car (like information boards) am debating getting a mirror and ramps too for car but will see :p
  9. Nah they add that into map so no lag buddy
  10. Well Willy am going stage 2 but need to see what offers at Ford fair to see how much my Hondo stretches What put me off was if I got airtec intercooler would have to cut bumps but realised ye don't have to just flip the intercooler around ! These two bits stick out too far and would need to cut into my lovely bumper But in there test pic no noticed that it wasn't the same So did a little digging and found that they flipped it at some point as here is the back of the unit They even have it on there show car this way lol strange
  11. Chrome on doors wrapped today! A clean and were all set heading down tomorrow for the 5-6hr drive lol
  12. Wooo keep me upto date buddy! Well got my chrome wrapped today!
  13. not long now! im getting ma chrome on sides of ma car wrapped tomorrow :D