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  1. and for info for my car at time brand new was 14k odd new I got it 10months old without bodykit but titanium spec and talked them down from 11k odd to £9,750 if I put normal body kit on with spray it woulda cost me about just under 700ish with painted and fitted I spoke to ford near me they valued car £1000 over we buy anycar price over at the time because alot of ppl want bodykit ps upgraded wheels are only 150 if yer trade yer old wheels away and now I have my car way I want it not the normal to zetec s spec but the spec I wanted and still in total spend alot less that original buying price infact it saved my car because when someone hit back end of me and was gonna get written off due to cost but because my car has mods that saved the car the engineer valued my under 11k with mods and spend 5.5k fixing my car back to my specific spec even if I sell my parts because I got them cheap i break even on most and make a profit on others
  2. it isn't as expensive if ye get used ford parts ps try hills motors etc too on the net front splitters are 50-90 sideskirts are 120-170 and rear bumper extensions are around 150 spoiler 60-120 can get grills for around 130 if you have a common colour it shouldn't be much of a issue for you finding them and going to ford is expensive try fordparts uk has brand new parts and always been cheaper for me ps mines was a 5 door standard titanium I went over the top with my car but all parts had to be sprayed as its hard to find my colour
  3. how long you had the car?
  4. uuuggggghhh This has been covered before I'm sure you chatted about this before the 1.0 is a reliable engine only raped cars from mods are mostly fail with exception of a couple cars which are less than 1% of all produced cars. and again engine has won the best engine of year many years in a row also.... and like other post follow my steps and yer sorted ............
  5. a dont think Ryan is on here but he will see his car everywhere its the mk7 pfl slammed on bags red usually was wrapped grey by David nimmo check him out on fb bud and wow
  6. good luck bud a went to him as he did Ryan's car ye probably have seen it about mind and wear ear protection lol! got my intercooler in just need a day off to get it all cleaned and put on
  7. Never bud lol a dont like it haha but I am adding something else bud :) @D13 HPD 95 Masive i got silent coat 30sheets for 33 quid so good deal I used 2.5-3 sheets for front doors and 2 sheets for rear and covered boot and some on tailgate too as for my subwoofer it has increased sound quality night and day the bass is smooth and non distorted the sound is clearer and some songs ye can even hear the breath of the person singing! for road noise it reduces it quite a bit so a win win all round ps still left with enough sheets to do missus car doors :) Thanks buddy came a long way! @BobbyDee No Way! finally someone spotted me from this forum lol a will need to keep eye out for ye am from motherwell myself I contacted a guy on facebook called David Nimmo he has wrapped many cars and does kitchens etc too he done my chrome on doors for 40 and he only took a hour a tallied it up in my head before i got it done and woulda worked out about 30+ for wrap alone so was a good deal buddy
  8. obv your gonna hear horror stories on a page that is designed for horror stories of the engine type ford has sold thousands upon thousands of these engines and the problems are less than 1% of cars sold therefore its only some that have had this and nothing to really worry about... Only real problem is when mapping...... after this it increases engine power and puts stress on the next weakest component and its mostly synchros on the gearbox I personaly know as i changed mines when running 154bhp via bluefin but again I think bluefin was too strong on the lower end of the revs therefore wearing synchro down... changed the gearbox went to revo car is now running 167.8bhp with 199ft/lb torque and cars running great and best of all the car isn't a new car my car is a 13plate never had any issues with my car at all and its done 41k miles so far and still going sweet.... its down to how you treat your car and map it generally but sometimes people are just unlucky and unfortunately 1 bad case out of millions of good ones are usually more listened too as its human nature to pay more attention to the bad than good :) How to keep the engine good nick ;) 1. Service regularly at intervals that Ford had guided 2. Don't go above 3k revs untill engine has heat up. 3. When done with car let the engine cool down when finished (ps this isnt as hard as it sounds and a lot of us reverse up a drive the time in reverse will cool down) 4. Use the auto stop/start so engine doesn't heat up so much when idle (this is a optional but does save fuel too) 5.Listen to the rules above and enjoy the car as its a great engine and been voted engine of the year for many years now for a reason. I have been driving my car for over 3 year now and not lightly either and with mods as long as you follow what I said above and enjoy the car :)
  9. wee pic from Chatelherault yesterday
  10. hey bud thanks! no bud but I have known hundreds of people using them and none have broken and I know idiot drivers who fly over potholes lol still hasn't broke
  11. first year In a while a wont be going sorry a couldnt organise the stand this year and have fun guys
  12. 3 or 4 packs!!! may aswell dont lower the car that would do it itself 😂😂 thanks bud
  13. i must have balanced it as only used 2.5 sheets per front doors and 2 sheets for rear doors and mostly in boot for subwoofer and had a mate with baffles his ripped at the bottom for some reason 😕
  14. I have custom 2x 4 inch exhaust with resonators under boot and a 1500w subwoofer ontop haha and give the doors a try I made guides for to take door cards off its very easy and loss of ppl following my guides
  15. As we are all looking to make the sound of our media system better a suggest sound deadening I done it with my 5door fez and its vastly improved the sound in the car. Car road noise is now quieter and the sound from speakers so clear you can hear the breath of the person singing. Obv depends on what your listening too but the bass is clearer too no weird noises at all. I have made 2 guides for front doors and rear (for 5door) which you can do yourself with not much effort. I didn't Take much pics of the sound deadening but its Silent coat 30 sheets for 33 quid which aint too bad either :)