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  1. This for fiesta owners club? I tried in here years ago for people to come to the meets never had any luck on here
  2. I put 2 led strips in a while ago best thing I done
  3. .
  4. Ps can use JDOU10 for autobeam for 10% off
  5. Plenty has them but alot use drl rings on fogs and seen a few a recommend autobeams led rings ye can change colour when ye want with a phone app or can get a set that is a drl until you indicate and its a indicator personally its not chavvy unless your leaving them in in car parks haha seen lots at meets and they do look good and get loads of looks at the shows
  6. Personally ..... no I had to call bluefin over a number of times because of and issue which they said my cars the issue even though i knew at this point 2 other people at same time had that issue so I ended up taking it off and not even using it and when I put car back to standard it gave me a standard map on car that was dated 2012! When I went to revo they had to update cars map before putting my revo stage 1 on as they said it was out dated and had a dip in performance and showed me on dyno etc plus due to the torque being so low it chews your synchro. . . Now I know synchros on these cars are weak but just happens to be after map install and it went on a motorway...... and I dont rag my car etc a take good care of it and was surprised as it was onway back from ford fair 2016 then talking to a few people on FB mk7 parts page I realised I wasn't alone and after speaking to me they had exact same issues with bluefin from fuel pump giving out too much pressure and going to limp mode, to dip in standard map and synchros going because of torque I am sure @M4RC could tell you about his issues with bluefin also and he got refund because if it....... This is from my personal experience and me being me digging around to find out in not only one but again just my opinion I am sure alot of people and using bluefin fine with no mods to minimal mods.
  7. Cheers buddy stay tuned it seems power wise in going all out as a opportunity has came up Bro love❤💙
  8. Also the car engines that you have read about have blown because of poor mapping my mate @GingerFlame can tell you all about who to avoid and they are a few different mappers out there some promise the world and deliver a couple bhp with poor fueling etc in return yer cars piston one loses compression . . . . Personally I'm with revo went from bluefin (wish I never did it) as its power is so low down it blew my synchro plus I had many issues with it exact same issues as @M4RC but they claim "oh we never had this before" when I know a few that had same issue as mines.
  9. Ps the 125ps is little lower at remapping than 140ps and 100 is little lower than 125ps at mapping also the 100 and 125ps both share same gearbox ratios also
  10. After Jason keer from facebook ran his to 197bhp but only lasted a few months and litrally tore a hole in side of block a wouldn't bother if you want more power go to st its much cheaper only a st and stage 1 map will be well over whatever you can get ftom a 1.0l If you want stable power its around 165 to 170bhp mark the gearbox can only take upto 200ft lb of torque before its goods and need a decent diff to sort above that and engine can only take internally around 175-180bhp at most before needing forged but if going into that territory a wouldnt spend so much if needing to spend that amount would again go to st My car because of discounts etc and timing of friends etc i have actually been able to get this far and going a little further My car has mountune induction All hoses including hard pipe Cat back doesnt give much but a tiny bit more able breathing for car And running revo stage 1 currently at 167.8bhp and 199ft lb torque atm I just installed dual pass intercooler and now been offered a sports cat for very cheap so for extra 60 for stage 2 map will take my car to mid 170s and a differently curved power map on the stage 2 keeping the torque 199 but will be used more over the map due to my car being the 125ps model my second gear goes to 70mph and as always a love ma wee car but just a wee bit of info to think about buddy i will give you my project page from everything I have done Pics of my new intercooler and car from a long while ago till now and have fun buddy it's a best seller for a reason
  11. Hey there I just put a dual pass on my car I have a full project page you can look at for ideas click to back page to see recent mods with intercooler and remap I had bluefin and if you are going for a remap a would save and get revo instead I switched because It gave me gearbox issues with synchro via bluefin and you won't see much gains at all except throttle response from induction that's all even bluefin told me not to bother revo is so much different the power curve is so much smoother and way its delivered is easier on your car and no issues I know of 4 people that went from bluefin to revo and 2 of them had issues and had to keep going back to bluefin to change it that's not including me infact one of them is on this forum @M4RC He will tell you the same With revo you can get sps module which I have plug it in and has 4 stages 1.Standard mode 2.standard fuel 3.99octane fuel and my favourite 4.anti theft mode which even if you had your own key it disables the car lol The car has 3 major restrictions Induction which you have all good Intercooler Exhaust cat back will help a tiny bit but needs a sports cat to be legal to help or naughty side decat My opinion buddy is if going stage 1 bluefin dont bother but beware of torque and issues buddy If going for revo I have induction kit all hoses with hard pipe and cat back custom made and I made 167bhp with 199ft lb on dyno without intercooler! But they suggested if i want to do more than 3 boosts under hard acceleration my temps were creeping up alot so can do without intercooler but less cold air gets into turbo so about 3 to 4 runs max of heavy boosting Here is pic of my intercooler
  12. Right wee update I got instagram! also Finally got installation of my new intercooler yesterday! I sprayed it first! Then install began! was good fun! I took bumper off Then moved fluid to get old intercooler out Intercooler out see my hand :P Old intercooler with new one Then I lined it up and drilled into crash bar to get it on woo! done! :D
  13. @GingerFlame and @M4RC I'm sure they ticked boxes got puddle lights and cruise control to work.......
  14. and for info for my car at time brand new was 14k odd new I got it 10months old without bodykit but titanium spec and talked them down from 11k odd to £9,750 if I put normal body kit on with spray it woulda cost me about just under 700ish with painted and fitted I spoke to ford near me they valued car £1000 over we buy anycar price over at the time because alot of ppl want bodykit ps upgraded wheels are only 150 if yer trade yer old wheels away and now I have my car way I want it not the normal to zetec s spec but the spec I wanted and still in total spend alot less that original buying price infact it saved my car because when someone hit back end of me and was gonna get written off due to cost but because my car has mods that saved the car the engineer valued my under 11k with mods and spend 5.5k fixing my car back to my specific spec even if I sell my parts because I got them cheap i break even on most and make a profit on others
  15. it isn't as expensive if ye get used ford parts ps try hills motors etc too on the net front splitters are 50-90 sideskirts are 120-170 and rear bumper extensions are around 150 spoiler 60-120 can get grills for around 130 if you have a common colour it shouldn't be much of a issue for you finding them and going to ford is expensive try fordparts uk has brand new parts and always been cheaper for me ps mines was a 5 door standard titanium I went over the top with my car but all parts had to be sprayed as its hard to find my colour