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  1. Yup your right I had standard titanium wheels powder coated anthracite
  2. Autobeam.co.uk


    10% off 


  3. Dodgy remap?

    Grearboxes are rated to be fine as long as it isn't over 200ft/lb of torque and can take 175bhp ...... Bud depends on driver and map also
  4. Revo ford fiesta 1.0l 100ps

    It tells you in their website if you want stage 2 need intercooler sports or decat aswell as induction and all pipe and 99ron fuel for optimum bhp
  5. Thinking of remapping, is it worth it?

    I have went over bluefin extensively in another thread I had it and don't recommend it I recommend revo here is what I said in other comment buddy
  6. Help needed tuning a fiesta ecoboost to Stage 2/3

    Sideskirts I had a hawke eyed friend spot them in a breakers for me and intercooler from another fiesta friend who moved to an st but can get sideskirts new at ford but expensive And intercooler is 350 new from variety of places its called airtec stage 2
  7. Boot lighting

    Bendy and 30cm fits perfect at each side ye dont even see them This is a quick wiring guide I made
  8. My Zetec S MK7 project

    I have went over bluefin extensively in another thread I had it and don't recommend it I recommend revo here is what I said in other one
  9. Boot lighting

    My led strips for 4 of them was only like £4.50 or something and I only used 2 of them lol
  10. Hermiston Gate Meet up

    This for fiesta owners club? I tried in here years ago for people to come to the meets never had any luck on here
  11. Boot lighting

    I put 2 led strips in a while ago best thing I done
  12. Boot lighting

  13. Anyone used/bought these? (DRL Fogs)

    Ps can use JDOU10 for autobeam for 10% off
  14. Anyone used/bought these? (DRL Fogs)

    Plenty has them but alot use drl rings on fogs and seen a few a recommend autobeams led rings ye can change colour when ye want with a phone app or can get a set that is a drl until you indicate and its a indicator personally its not chavvy unless your leaving them in in car parks haha seen lots at meets and they do look good and get loads of looks at the shows
  15. Help needed tuning a fiesta ecoboost to Stage 2/3

    Personally ..... no I had to call bluefin over a number of times because of and issue which they said my cars the issue even though i knew at this point 2 other people at same time had that issue so I ended up taking it off and not even using it and when I put car back to standard it gave me a standard map on car that was dated 2012! When I went to revo they had to update cars map before putting my revo stage 1 on as they said it was out dated and had a dip in performance and showed me on dyno etc plus due to the torque being so low it chews your synchro. . . Now I know synchros on these cars are weak but just happens to be after map install and it went on a motorway...... and I dont rag my car etc a take good care of it and was surprised as it was onway back from ford fair 2016 then talking to a few people on FB mk7 parts page I realised I wasn't alone and after speaking to me they had exact same issues with bluefin from fuel pump giving out too much pressure and going to limp mode, to dip in standard map and synchros going because of torque I am sure @M4RC could tell you about his issues with bluefin also and he got refund because if it....... This is from my personal experience and me being me digging around to find out in not only one but again just my opinion I am sure alot of people and using bluefin fine with no mods to minimal mods.