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  1. first year In a while a wont be going sorry a couldnt organise the stand this year and have fun guys
  2. 3 or 4 packs!!! may aswell dont lower the car that would do it itself 😂😂 thanks bud
  3. i must have balanced it as only used 2.5 sheets per front doors and 2 sheets for rear doors and mostly in boot for subwoofer and had a mate with baffles his ripped at the bottom for some reason 😕
  4. I have custom 2x 4 inch exhaust with resonators under boot and a 1500w subwoofer ontop haha and give the doors a try I made guides for to take door cards off its very easy and loss of ppl following my guides
  5. As we are all looking to make the sound of our media system better a suggest sound deadening I done it with my 5door fez and its vastly improved the sound in the car. Car road noise is now quieter and the sound from speakers so clear you can hear the breath of the person singing. Obv depends on what your listening too but the bass is clearer too no weird noises at all. I have made 2 guides for front doors and rear (for 5door) which you can do yourself with not much effort. I didn't Take much pics of the sound deadening but its Silent coat 30 sheets for 33 quid which aint too bad either :)
  6. @M4RC Also went to a wee Ford Show at Driftland with Marc and Connor
  7. I have done a guide for the 5door how to take rear door cards off
  8. Progress Update Since My cars been back I wanted to quieten it down a little by sound deaden it a bit so I added sound deadening to all doors and boot and inner boot and it made a massive difference the car is a lot more quieter and the Sound is a lot more clearer. Only a few photos of the sound deadening as i was quite busy doing it
  9. This is a Simple Guide how to remove rear door cards on a Mk7.5 Fiesta 5 Door. Just follow the pics :D All Done. Just reverse this process to put it all back together
  10. I can concur with Kieran ( @GingerFlame ) that 3 people have had issues with map 2 melted pistons and a goosed turbo what other problems with that one still to arise .... Yeah the 140ps is slightly better at mapping with the improved head gasket and gear ratios :)
  11. ford parts uk sell eibach springs a suggest these as zetec s isnt really low at all and won't close the gap there only 10mm lower eibach is 30mm and look a lot better with going over bumps easily a know ppl who changed to zetec s and had them off in a week hated them as wasnt low at all ma car is the blue titanium to the left
  12. I didn't get my wiring from ford as they don't sell it separate and when you can pick a spoiler up second hand for £85-120 your colour its a bit nuts paying full price before painting ps you can't bodge a 2 wire light 😂 what to do is once spoiler is off pull gently and the wire has alot of extra it comes out perfect length to put onto new spoiler also same with washer just pull and it comes out at a good length to fit had mines on for 3yr now no issues at all and had spoiler off a few times too
  13. @kasajack thanks buddy 👌
  14. I agree 100% of what Kieran has said and Mark also Custom maps are not as custom as you think they by the map in and alter it to make it custom and most dont have a dyno either had a few ppl going to well known custom mappers coming back to revo due to the custom map not being as good as you think ...... after they went to dyno the bluefin does have issues myself and a few others agreed to be same thing as Kieran said they will issue with maps that won't work I had this and went to revo plus a think bluefin torque was too low as a think its what broke my synchro as I sont rally my car ever........... I went to revo and had stage 1 the graph is a little wobbly but it smoothed out as car got used to fuel etc
  15. spot on mate thats for the FL bud :)