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  1. scotch locks are good in thought but in reality are crap they cut into wire anyway plus after time they loosen mate better to cut into wires the way i shown on my guide as ye can plug them back together anyway haha
  2. All I Need to say is above in the tittle :) FIESTA ST 5 Door is Coming!!
  3. yes you do but if got alot of power for your sub in boot or underseat? if in boot get power from battery mate i did this :)
  4. check out my guide i made for fitting a underseat subwoofer :)
  5. To the Admins @Trevor etc tag away :P The app has decided to not work since revamp of the Page (forum) but a group of us member's were talking. We think productivity on the pages has gone down as a result of this. If app could be fixed people like myself who is busy to log onto a pc etc don't have time hence why I and more people have not been as active which is a shame as i got into all the modding business due to these pages of nice people. Plus as i said before FoC members are the nicest people. Any Chance of fixing the app? ps I know someone who can help if an admin PM's me i can give you their email :) @GingerFlame @Willy @L22EEW @Will-MK7 @M4RC
  6. i only have bluefin on the car bud so not a massive output and ive heard of the synchros going on normal map aswell but it went while driving on motorway? i didnt have map on as a take it off long journeys so strange 2bh only put map on when days off but this is not so much as im always working but mate at ford said hes changed 2 this week alone on normal maps also know people with 165bhp running fine for over 2year now! so strange apparently a fall into the unlucky but back to subject so is 100 and 125ps the same?
  7. reason i ask is my synchro has went and too much to repair as this happend driving home from ford fair so...... only like 1month out of warranty so looking to get a used box....... wondering if 100 is same as 125
  8. also mate sent me this a long time ago slightly different to IanTT again :S
  9. i went on etis and double checked with a 100ps car a 125ps and a 140ps car 100ps= 3.58/1.92/1.20/.87/.68/3.61 125ps= 3.58/1.92/1.20/.87/.68/3.61 140ps= 3.58/1.93/1.28/0.95/0.76 this means 100 and 125 is the same and 140 is different? also wondering why this is shown different to your ratios? @iantt
  10. @alexp999 doesnt say gear ratio....? (i dont work for ford or that either)
  11. Whats the difference between the 100ps and 125ps gearbox? are the ratios the same or are they different? thanks
  12. @Eatonm112 do you have a pic of your unit in car bud? looks interesting
  13. More for looks..................... i got offered a rear brake convertion very cheap when i got my ST front brakes on my car and didnt take it as drums are better for immediate stopping power........... which is better for hand brake turns ......... not that i do that anyway :O ...... but as said extra weight and with extra doors a didnt fancy taking anymore weight on 2bh lol