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  1. Fiesta St Loud Tapping Noise

    My ST has always been a little on the Tappety side, parents own an ST as well but they never let me near it so couldn't compare... I was debating taking mine back in for a look but thought it was normal so please keep us updated as it'll let me decide what I need to do with mine!
  2. Servicing Options/software Updates ?

    Paid £140 for my ST first service after originally being quoted £280 by a main dealer. They didn't like me in Perrys so I'm surprised I got anywhere with them seeing as i'd put a deposit down and then withdrew it 12 months earlier. I can confirm that Ford main dealer service does come with Ford Assistance. That said, you have to ask for it as they will not offer it to you on a silver platter. Costs the company £5 per person they give cover too but saves us a good few bob! Well worth it IMO, but just tell the dealer you've been given price X by another dealer and can they match it - most are normally very willing!
  3. Head Gasket Failure Already?

    I hate to break it to you mate.... It's the curse of IKEA, I kid you not, same thing happened to my French lump (Saxo) Common causes are; Too much flat pack furniture Too many Swedish meatballs Too long away from vehicle (4hrs +) I found all three to be true in my experience. Woooops! In all seriousness hope it isn't the head, but as above flush everything out first and look for any leaks. Keep us posted! Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  4. Focus Mk3 St (Facelift) Petrol Vs Derv?

    No, on a PCP - sorry for not specifying! Interestingly I think the GFMV on the derv is 700 higher after 2 years than the petrol version? Going to ring the dealer tomorrow, double check and then talk figures :D Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  5. Focus Mk3 St (Facelift) Petrol Vs Derv?

    I reckon I'd probably do around 16k a year, not a lot of 'town driving' as I never tend to drive during rush hours.. I have driven both and whilst I didn't get the chance to properly boot the petrol the diesel didn't seem all that far off.. The map narrows the gap to around 30-35bhp but will have 100+ extra NM's of torque. It's not as if the Diesel would be boring to drive but I do get what people say RE the petrol being more exciting. They do feel like two different cars to drive. The problems with Diesel engines/cars is a non starter for me (excuse the pun) I'm only likely to keep this car for 3 years tops so within warranty etc.. I just know that because I'm heavy with my right foot I'll probably never see over 26 in the petrol whereas i could thrash the diesel and still get 50.. Hmmm should just get both you're right Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  6. Focus Mk3 St (Facelift) Petrol Vs Derv?

    Ohhhh, Tangerine ST2, lovely! I had a chat with one of the sales reps today to look for Stock ST's and I think there's a Stock ST3 in tangerine somewhere in the country so may be worth asking, there's only 4 Focus ST's anywhere at the minute.. All are made to build, and apparently there's around a 10week lead time at the minute! Petrol was good, I never really floored it as there aren't that many suitable roads near me, but it seemed rather eager to go, didn't feel as fast as the fiesta but that's just because in my experience the Focus is more refined - drove really well though, can't fault it at all. Trip computer was at 30.2 when I got in - however I'm not sure over how many miles that was.. I'd reset it when I got in and by the end of my test drive it was sitting at 26.7 - that was a fairly spirited drive however. I do know the salesman fairly well and got given the chance to take an extended test drive, went down the back roads which was thoroughly enjoyable though it would have been better if there was less traffic! Still not 'swayed' by the petrol as such, if anything I'm more unsure than I was before!! Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  7. Where To Get These Wheels

    Have double checked on wiki (most reliable source for information!) It's the 'verve' concept - meant for European markets but never actually released unfortunately! Think they revealed it in late 07/08 so you'd have no hope in finding it! Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  8. Ladies and Gents... The time has gone for my beloved Fez to go back to ford (after all of 9months) and I've got myself set on the Focus ST in either Stealth Grey or Blue.. The other two options I'm between are Petrol VS Diesel.. Really it's a no brainier, Petrol for the extra ponies but my experience with the Fez and the combined book figure of 48mpg translated to real world of 35 on average has me wondering what real world economy the Petrol would get.. Booked is around 42mpg and working by the fiesta figures I'd probably estimate it would achieve pretty much bang on 30 combined? This is where you lot come in... If you can let me know what figures you're getting with driving style it would be much appreciated. I have a friend with the ST-D ;) I tend to steer clear of him but he tells me his gets an average of 55 combined. If I went for the diesel I'd bridge the gap with a bluefin (or similar) map, if anyone has any experience with this on a focus id also like to hear from you!! Have test driven the diesel and am booked in to test drive the petrol tomorrow; obviously I'm expecting them to be worlds apart in terms of power and progressiveness but as I've done 12k in 9 months I'm leaning towards diesel. Last Q, does anyone know roughly how many miles it takes for the diesel to be more cost effective? For me it's not a matter of IF but WHEN I get the car.. I was just thinking as the car will cost me roughly £55 extra per month if i saved a tank of fuel the diesel would effectively cost the same? Replies welcome :) ta! Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  9. Suggestions For Sub

    Content heavy thread!! Took me a while to read through but agree with everything said :') I was going to do my own sub instillation, got everything out the MK7, trim surround, screws out, complete fascia off and got to the back of the CD.. Took me so long without trim removal tool.. Searched everywhere for the wiring diagram as I wanted to splice/crimp wires to connect the RCA - eventually found it and then realised it was gonna be a pigs ear and didn't want to do anything wrong... Eventually took it to my local audio specialist and got them to fit it. Cost me £80 to fit as I supplied all the wires + RCA adapter which was very reasonable. Interestingly and contrary to urban myth you can run power lead, remote and the RCA leads down the same side of the car provided you don't have some monster ICE setup that draws a ton of power so all ran down passenger side under trim/seats nice and tidy! But I've got a 12" active Edge sub, just to go with the Orange seats ;) ahaha jokes - got it free of a mate that bought an Audi with the bose kit in. That said, even for £100 it packs a lot of bass, had to turn the stereo EQ right down even though the audio place had set it up. Awesome little piece of kit, would recommend to anyone that wants something effectively 'plug and play' without messing with custom enclosures etc.. It's actually suitable for all sorts, old school hip hop, rap, dub step, house, rock + metal, acoustic, chill out, garage *just to name a few And don't we all love that 2001 album, have to admit it still gets abused from time to time! :') Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  10. What Fits In A Focus??

    Ahaha at the 4 doors comment, that's why I'm getting a Focus! And I'll give you a +1 for the 10" sub with a shizzle load of bass! Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  11. Can't Make Up My Mind If I Like This Not

    Not 100% on that one, I like the grill surround but think it's the wrong shade for the mirror caps to look spot on probably just me. Each to their own I guess.. That said though, those rims! Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  12. Can't Make Up My Mind If I Like This Not

    Part of me likes it (a really small part of me lol) it just look a bit too 'in our face' Imo a better idea would be to do the grill surround, will help the ST badge stand out a little more, then potentially get a front splitter in the same colour to complete the look on the front! Not too much colour but enough to make a noticeable difference. Have seen a couple like it before, will try and find a picture for you. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  13. Turbo Changes

    If they have advised you it's the turbo that has failed. Then proceeded to change the Turbo and said fault still exists I am almost certain you are not billable/liable to pay for the work already done as they misdiagnosed the problem.. Hope you get it sorted. Out of interest where abouts do you live? I had my turbo changed on my old zs tdci and the garage certainly didn't do it properly as under 1000 miles later it failed again. I'm certain they changed all the bolts but when I challenged them regarding how common the problem is and had they flushed oil, replaced feeds and cleaned sump etc they got the hump :') Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  14. Where To Get These Wheels

    Fingers crossed that's a facelift model though I very much doubt it! Obviously it's LHD so you could try and see if those alloys come on a standard fiesta in any of the other European markets? Again chances are slim but worth a shot! Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  15. Fist To Focus St...

    Yeah that's what I got told as well, tbf it makes sense from a business point of view, I did consider the focus in stealth grey but if there's free metallic paint to be had I can't say no! Unless they gave me the money off as extra? Will have to ask! Am yet to test drive one but can't wait! Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC