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  1. Third Fiesta? Gotta be an ST-3!

    I've had a quick scout through Euro car parts and whilst I was looking for Osram I've found some bulbs... Would the following be a good fit for interior of the vehicle? They've got a sale on at the minute so I think I may get these and a set of nightbreakers for £30 or so? Seems like a steal!
  2. Third Fiesta? Gotta be an ST-3!

    Honestly that's ridiculously comprehensive! haha It's much appreciated - you've saved me a load of time in searching sites for links.. RE Wing inserts it is something I wasn't sure on so I've been toying with the idea, you'd linked me to the same one's as I'd found! The lights part of it really helped for the interior, like you I'm a big Osram fan, I too have never had a bulb go - It's ridiculous how much light they give off :') Thanks a lot though, I'll trawl through the links tonight and get stuff ordered (hopefully) they'll arrive before bank holiday so I can get modding. I've gone and purchased all new washing stuff including a fresh clay bar so needless to say my car will get some good treatment over the weekend! Cheers again :)
  3. Is this a good deal?...

    +1 I'm picking mine up this week... 2 year deal works out better due to GMFV and interest rates. At the minute Ford are offering circa £700 on deposit cont. for ST models As mentioned above if you go on CarWow or drive the deal to configure your own Fiesta, you'll get pretty discounted prices, best bet after is to take all that info in to your nearest/preferred dealer to see what they can do :)
  4. Third Fiesta? Gotta be an ST-3!

    I'm getting Frozen White. The colour of my first one, 2nd was Black but couldn't deal with having another black car again :D Should have the handover on Thursday. So far I'm planning to: De-Tango bulbs and upgrade dipped and HL bulbs Interior Bulb change Handbrake gap mod (Can I have a link to the part?!) TRC Modified front splitter ST inlays (white and black) DMB Wing Panel gel badge with 'ST' on Full set of gel badges (unsure where to get from now DMB are no longer stocking Ford - how long did yours take to arrive?) Lowering Springs (Eibach Redline/Mountune) Perhaps some engine modifications too.. maybe! If you're got any insight on where to go for the items it'd be much appreciated!
  5. Powertrain icon (P0299 code)

    Glad to hear that the problem seems to be 'resolved' :) Fingers crossed the error doesn't crop up again! Enjoy the full tank of fuel!!
  6. Ford SYNC/Bluetooth

    Glad to hear! That should keep the system sweet but if anything else happens I'd go straight for that again pal. Yes you did, much appreciated! Just happy we could help!
  7. Headlights

    +100 for the Osram Nightbreakers! People love them, they sure light up the tarmac in front of you, twice as good as the standard bulbs IMO. You can get them for around £17 from Eurocarparts if there's one in your local area?
  8. Goodbye 1.0 Hello St3

    I had an alloy go on mine!! Think there was a crack in the seal/valve which kept letting pressure out... Like you said - all covered under warranty! Your beaST looks cracking at the minute though, anything else planned for it? BTW - where'd you get the ST Keyring from? I'm assuming the fob cover is from DMB?
  9. Powertrain icon (P0299 code)

    If I'm honest, at this point if I were in your shoes I'd be telling the Motor Trader I don't want the vehicle back. Each time you drive it you're likely to put more pressure on a slowly failing Turbo which will only affect the longevity of the engine. Whip out section 20-26 of the CRA 2015 and get your money back. Plenty of other Fiesta's around. :)
  10. Nearly had a heart attack

    My Local dealer (Perrys) are always friendly and courteous - which is all you ask for at the end of the day... They did have my old ST in white for sale not long ago, 1 year old with around 19k on the clock - sold within a week for £13-13.5k. The cars are that popular that there are bound to be a fair few about, like you said it's just about waiting for one for the right price at the right time. I'll keep a look out in my local area for you if you want? *Uses Interweb* Incidentally I've just had a look on my local dealers website and have found a few good examples which I can send you? I reckon you're probably about 2hrs from me so not sure if it's too far for you to travel?
  11. Nearly had a heart attack

    I apologise if anyone works for them before I say this but... I hate Evans Halshaw with a passion, they're a bunch of money grabbers IMO and always tend to cut corners regardless of whether its vehicle sale/service. It's a real shame because there are actually a few decent people that work there!!
  12. Third Fiesta? Gotta be an ST-3!

    Hey! Looks like your fez is coming along nicely :) Can't wait to see what you've got planned for it, I'm picking my 3rd ST up next week and will be modding it. I had plans to do similar things to yours so I may rack your brains about where you've got a couple of parts from if that's alright?
  13. Buying a new ST...

    Had a read through the thread just now as I too am getting a new ST (exactly the same spec unless yours had orange seats!) I was advised originally that there would be an 8 week lead time but Ford had stock built a fair few White ST3's with sensors and wheel :) Happy Days that we're both getting an ST next week!!! Having already had one I can tell you now you'll have a massive grin on your face this time next year :D
  14. Advice on rejecting 6 week old ST3

    Does seem so, all that's left to do is head over to DMB, TRC to shop out the wait. Looking to get a few things ordered but haven't been able to find the wing ST badges anywhere?! I'm looking at ordering: White ST inlay (front badge) Black ST inlay (rear badge) Steering wheel ST inlay Key Fob cover in Gloss/Carbon Domed Badges for FR/Rear/Steering wheel + Centre Caps Lowering Springs TRC modified front splitter That should keep me happy for a while but also improve the aesthetics enough :)
  15. Advice on rejecting 6 week old ST3

    Thanks for all your replies.. Have an update for you RE the vehicle. After going backwards and forwards with the DP over the phone I'd requested a face to face meeting so we could discuss each others and understand 'where we're at' just before the bank holiday. During the meeting the DP we both gave our own 2cents, with him believing the dealer had done all they were asked therefore fulfilling their legal obligation. I'd explained to the dealer that working within the 'industry' CS Manager for another Automotive brand that I understood the CRA of 2015 and the 30 day rule different to him. After the dealer did not take up the proposal I'd informed them I wanted to reject the vehicle and be returned to my position before vehicle purchase so that I was able to re-purchase through them or another dealer. The DP spoke to the legal team who'd confirmed I was correct in my understanding of the CRA and that no attempt need be repaired within the first 30 days (Customer can hand vehicle back and obtain full refund). Based on that information the dealer ordered another vehicle for me. Same Spec ST3 w/ rear parking sensors + Space Saver in white. This was due to arrive w/e 21st May but having been in to the dealer this afternoon they've been advised it will more than likely be delivered over the weekend. Things have progressed with the dealer principle involved and to his credit he's done all that's been asked of him (including a courtesy vehicle). Small matter of consequential losses to clear up now as I'd relied on public transport for 5 weeks and finance payments going out of my account then I'm squared away. All in all, after a terrible experience with a dealership I've frequented over 6 years or so, they've managed to do the right thing and turn it round :) If all goes to plan I'll have my car next Tuesday/Wednesday!! Happy Friday everyone!