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  1. Decisions

    What app d'you run to edit these photos? Wanna get started on mine! :)
  2. Well I've experienced this one before so may be able to lend a hand.. Whether the audio works or not does depend on what device you're using.. As silly as it seems USB sticks may or may not work (if they don't you need to change the formatting of such - not sure what to mind you as mine have all worked fine) Iphones work like a dream through USB but the bluetooth compatibility of Apple phones is somewhat lacking. I used to have an Iphone and it annoyed the hell out of me being able to get 20 mins down the road before the Iphone connected to BT. Android phones (in my experience) generally don't work via USB but bluetooth is solid as anything and always seems as if it's already connected before I get in to the car When you press Aux on the stereo you'll cycle between Line-In, USB and Bluetooth so just make sure you've got the right one selected haha. Failing all that, use your owners manual and remove the fuse for the stero/usb and replace after 30 seconds, should work fine! Hope that helps :)
  3. Decisions

    I vote ditch the chrome! Never really sat right with me, I just think with the 'one ford for all' thing they're keeping it more geared towards what Americans want aesthetically... Either that or they're slowly moving the demographic towards older generations. Looks smart with the mesh grill and chrome mirrors! Wind deflectors is always a ++++, what else you got planned?
  4. Advice on rejecting 6 week old ST3

    When I say 'buy back' I mean that in the most literal terms possible... The dealer wanted to value my car (market value) instead of cancel finance agreement and enter in to a new one. Which is why it's got to this stage. Ombudsman soon to be involved in this one I think :( Based on the circumstance and fault being present after 3 weeks - having asked for rejection within 30 days the offer was total BS IMO
  5. Advice on rejecting 6 week old ST3

    Hey Marks. I appreciate the points you've raised and will clarify them below... Reason for rejection - turbo fault with the vehicle within 30 days (informed them of my wish to reject/swap vehicle at this time) Would look to keep this one longer than three years so I can do own modification when money permits Needed a tech report to confirm whether the fault mentioned would affect the longevity. Explicitly informed 3 members of staff not to repair the vehicle until I'd had a report from a ford technical and 3rd party. The main points are essentially the 30 day right to reject if a fault is found. The fact that they've repaired the vehicle compromises this right. Yes they may not be doing anything wrong by repairing it under warranty. However it's put me in a difficult position. I've contacted the finance company every step of the way so they know what the situation is. The dealer is essentially dragging their heels about it, yet have admitted they shouldn't have repaired the car after I'd asked them not to... They also think because I'm priv it has bearing on my consumer rights.... NO, just means more paperwork for them.
  6. Hey all! Sadly I've got to start this topic as I wanted a bit of advice (and to not be bullied into accepting any compromise by the dealer). Swapped my old Frozen White ST for a new Panther Black one. Was loving the car for around 500 miles until the car started to develop a whining noise under acceleration. I'd put the cause down to sticking brakes/hose loose on intake system. Booked the vehicle in after 3 weeks of ownership, couldn't get an appointment for 6weeks (workshop issues I guess!) Not satisfied I kicked up a fuss and had the vehicle looked at a couple of weeks after appointment was made. The dealer confirmed that the boost pressure regulator was defective. As a result I'm concerned about the longevity of the Turbo and that the vehicle had failed after such a short period of time? I know not all cars come off the factory perfect but to have that type of fault after such little time it didn't sit right with me. I'd requested the dealer NOT repair the car until I'd spoken with the sales manager/got a technicians report about the fault and subsequent repair. This was ignored by the dealer and they went ahead with the repair anyway (going against my wishes and stopping me getting a report). I've since written a letter to the Sales Manager and DP. Before writing the letter the retail manager had offered to 'buy the vehicle back' off me (being approximately 8 weeks old) which I was disgusted by. The DP contacted me today saying they'd be willing to swap the vehicle as long as I do all the Donkey work (contacting Priv so I can get them to authorise the sale to dealer before 9 months, and get a new code) This, to me is essentially the same option I've done the obligitories by notifying finance company about the dispute and the apparent malpractice of the dealer. Quite frankly im getting severely frustrated as I don't seem to be getting anywhere. I've quoted all my legal rights throughout including the New Consumer Credit act and Sale+Supply of goods to consumers etc... Seems like they're just trying to fob me off at the minute? Don't really know how to progress with this aside from going to the Ombudsman (who I don't want involved, courts+costs) Can anyone give any advice?!?! Much Appreciated!
  7. This threw me when I was looking at a Bluefin on my old ZS TDCI. Mine was the 88bhp version with the old PSA lump in it. The confusion on BHP figures is due to classification... Ford Classify the vehicle at 95ps which equates to 93bhp. Its just the type of measurement which causes the marginal difference. The 95ps version is the 93bhp that you see on Superchips website. The upgrade itself is the easiest, most convenient mod you'll do. As your vehicle is Turbo-D you'll likely see approx 30bhp increase and a bucket load more Torque. Trust me, having had one on a vehicle basically same as yours (Different MK mind you) its the best £300-350 you'll spend on your car!!!
  8. Fiesta St Loud Tapping Noise

    My ST has always been a little on the Tappety side, parents own an ST as well but they never let me near it so couldn't compare... I was debating taking mine back in for a look but thought it was normal so please keep us updated as it'll let me decide what I need to do with mine!
  9. Servicing Options/software Updates ?

    Paid £140 for my ST first service after originally being quoted £280 by a main dealer. They didn't like me in Perrys so I'm surprised I got anywhere with them seeing as i'd put a deposit down and then withdrew it 12 months earlier. I can confirm that Ford main dealer service does come with Ford Assistance. That said, you have to ask for it as they will not offer it to you on a silver platter. Costs the company £5 per person they give cover too but saves us a good few bob! Well worth it IMO, but just tell the dealer you've been given price X by another dealer and can they match it - most are normally very willing!
  10. Head Gasket Failure Already?

    I hate to break it to you mate.... It's the curse of IKEA, I kid you not, same thing happened to my French lump (Saxo) Common causes are; Too much flat pack furniture Too many Swedish meatballs Too long away from vehicle (4hrs +) I found all three to be true in my experience. Woooops! In all seriousness hope it isn't the head, but as above flush everything out first and look for any leaks. Keep us posted! Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  11. Focus Mk3 St (Facelift) Petrol Vs Derv?

    No, on a PCP - sorry for not specifying! Interestingly I think the GFMV on the derv is 700 higher after 2 years than the petrol version? Going to ring the dealer tomorrow, double check and then talk figures :D Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  12. Focus Mk3 St (Facelift) Petrol Vs Derv?

    I reckon I'd probably do around 16k a year, not a lot of 'town driving' as I never tend to drive during rush hours.. I have driven both and whilst I didn't get the chance to properly boot the petrol the diesel didn't seem all that far off.. The map narrows the gap to around 30-35bhp but will have 100+ extra NM's of torque. It's not as if the Diesel would be boring to drive but I do get what people say RE the petrol being more exciting. They do feel like two different cars to drive. The problems with Diesel engines/cars is a non starter for me (excuse the pun) I'm only likely to keep this car for 3 years tops so within warranty etc.. I just know that because I'm heavy with my right foot I'll probably never see over 26 in the petrol whereas i could thrash the diesel and still get 50.. Hmmm should just get both you're right Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  13. Focus Mk3 St (Facelift) Petrol Vs Derv?

    Ohhhh, Tangerine ST2, lovely! I had a chat with one of the sales reps today to look for Stock ST's and I think there's a Stock ST3 in tangerine somewhere in the country so may be worth asking, there's only 4 Focus ST's anywhere at the minute.. All are made to build, and apparently there's around a 10week lead time at the minute! Petrol was good, I never really floored it as there aren't that many suitable roads near me, but it seemed rather eager to go, didn't feel as fast as the fiesta but that's just because in my experience the Focus is more refined - drove really well though, can't fault it at all. Trip computer was at 30.2 when I got in - however I'm not sure over how many miles that was.. I'd reset it when I got in and by the end of my test drive it was sitting at 26.7 - that was a fairly spirited drive however. I do know the salesman fairly well and got given the chance to take an extended test drive, went down the back roads which was thoroughly enjoyable though it would have been better if there was less traffic! Still not 'swayed' by the petrol as such, if anything I'm more unsure than I was before!! Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  14. Where To Get These Wheels

    Have double checked on wiki (most reliable source for information!) It's the 'verve' concept - meant for European markets but never actually released unfortunately! Think they revealed it in late 07/08 so you'd have no hope in finding it! Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  15. Ladies and Gents... The time has gone for my beloved Fez to go back to ford (after all of 9months) and I've got myself set on the Focus ST in either Stealth Grey or Blue.. The other two options I'm between are Petrol VS Diesel.. Really it's a no brainier, Petrol for the extra ponies but my experience with the Fez and the combined book figure of 48mpg translated to real world of 35 on average has me wondering what real world economy the Petrol would get.. Booked is around 42mpg and working by the fiesta figures I'd probably estimate it would achieve pretty much bang on 30 combined? This is where you lot come in... If you can let me know what figures you're getting with driving style it would be much appreciated. I have a friend with the ST-D ;) I tend to steer clear of him but he tells me his gets an average of 55 combined. If I went for the diesel I'd bridge the gap with a bluefin (or similar) map, if anyone has any experience with this on a focus id also like to hear from you!! Have test driven the diesel and am booked in to test drive the petrol tomorrow; obviously I'm expecting them to be worlds apart in terms of power and progressiveness but as I've done 12k in 9 months I'm leaning towards diesel. Last Q, does anyone know roughly how many miles it takes for the diesel to be more cost effective? For me it's not a matter of IF but WHEN I get the car.. I was just thinking as the car will cost me roughly £55 extra per month if i saved a tank of fuel the diesel would effectively cost the same? Replies welcome :) ta! Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC