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  1. Hey bud, tried opening the PDF on my Ipad no luck so downloaded adobe reader. No luck, could you email the guide? No worries if not mate. Cheers
  2. Higgsy's Zetec S Thread

    Tailpipe looking sweet mate, Im after something similar for mine. Just booked a bl00dy holiday though so mods will be waiting until back end of the year, you planning anything else for the exterior mate?
  3. Focus Newbie

    Hi mate. No nothing like that its more of a hobby bud. More learning and applying things if I get injured or improving techniques etc
  4. Focus Newbie

    Afternoon folks, Just about to get my hands on a 2010 Zetec S tomorrow evening. Looking forward to a jump in engine size 1.25 to 1.8. Also looking forward to 5 doors and a sportier looking car. Interests: Gym, Powerlifting, Cooking, Nutrition, Food science, Sports Science, IT... Hope to be an active member of the forum! Will post pics when I get the motor on Thursday! Wilson.