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  1. Ford Mondeo Accessories

    Thanks for the link, but am looking for a genuine Ford one. Regarding the power - its very very impressive for a 1.6. i have been used to engines over 2L and this one would leave them all standing for overtaking. Most impressed.
  2. Ford Mondeo Accessories

    Thanks, that explains it. Dealer it is. I do find it a little strange that you can't buy direct online. Cheers for the link, however it is not compatible, nor are the others on ebay. I spent hours checking. Appreciate the input none the less.
  3. Be gentle first post and first time owning a Ford. Bought new, modeo graphite trim, 1.6T ecoboost hatchback. Lovely car - had it a week and really enjoy driving it. Already the boot is getting a little wear as it sees a lot of items, not always clean. I was having a look at boot liners and mats on this website - but I can't seem to buy from here? How do you buy these accessiories? Are they only available from the dealers? Thanks for your help