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  1. I'm looking at buying some wheels for the girlfriends 2009 KA but can't find the PCD online, any help?
  2. Has anybody received theirs from FOC yet?
  3. They easy enough to swap over mate?
  4. Hi, Ive just bought some Team Dynamic Pro Race 3 for my 64 plate Fiesta ST and was wondering if i will have any issues with the tyre pressure monitoring system as i have the metal valves. Is there anything i need to do before fitting the new alloys like using the same valve? Can't seem to find anything so wondering if anyone else has had the same problems. Cheers
  5. I'll sort something later for ours, I'll be travelling from Manchester way with a few others!
  6. Yeah that would be easiest! Those who are starting the convoy put the route that your taking and then where people are to meet at which services to join and times of starting etc. Keep it simple for those wanting to join a convoy!
  7. Think at some point we should put a list of all convoys going down and from which locations so people can join where they need to:) be much easier starting a thread for it
  8. Yes mate haha :p
  9. Looking good now man ;)
  10. Probably the best looking Mk6 I've ever seen wouldn't mind that on my Mk7.5 ST
  11. Haha cheers Vito! You've had it next time I see you!:p
  12. Wouldn't of said it sounds like a canal boat haha:p
  13. It's got a tiny box in after the cat and when I say tiny I mean less that 30cm in length and around 67mm diameter.. so arguably it's resonated although there are no baffles anywhere on it. It's was £320 fitted :D
  14. Just uploaded the video onto YouTube for those that want to hear the exhaust :) let me know what you guys think....
  15. Cheers :) will get a video up in a bit for you :) The cars just been in for its first service at 12500 miles and they never said anything about it affecting the warranty In fact they asked more about the sound of it hahaha