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  1. Dont understand why people are still posting there opinions?? Didnt ask for opinions asked for makes ov prams that r small, and then i would make that final decision and i said snotty not snooty looks like an other online place to have arguments with people not my cup of tea leave u childish people to it
  2. Thats great thank you ill look into that x
  3. Ye as in if sum1 said ive got one an got such a such pram fits perfect well happy days if not ill get a new car is wat i ment o well not arguing, ive checked out ppls helpful comments regarding makes of prams so thank you for that
  4. I wouldnt say "i wouldnt bother just get a bigger car" as advise like i say was only want a make/model that would fit, no one has posted that so no need to post
  5. Im guessing no one that has answered this has a street ka! Yes it has air bag, but yes you can turn it off! Ive had my goddaughter in it but like i say normal prams wnt go in boot, thats why i was asking if anyone had got a specific make/model of pram un the boot because i read on a forum from 2006 a firl stated her god son an pram fittedin hers so was only after the make and model tbh not snotty comments about gettin a bigger car, obv i will have to long term but like i say its just cost me £500 so dont want to get rid so soon
  6. Think i will have to measure the boot b4 goin pram shopping as its only a 2seater i dont have the added space of back seats :(
  7. I will eventually get a bigger car but tbh the street ka has bren nothing but a money pit for me and latest job cost £500!! So want to feel ive got my moneys worth as was only about 3weeks ago!! So goin to keep it for at least most of the pregnancy, like i said some people have stated theyve got a pram in the boot of one so id like to find out what make/model of pram xx
  8. Hi, i was wondering if any other off you ladys have had my problem... Im 10weeks pregnant and currently have a street ka, im in a pickle wether to get a pram small enough to fit in the boot or to just cut my loses and get a new car lol ive seen some people have said theyve got a pram in there street la but didnt mention what make or model help!! Xx