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  1. Bearing in mind I don not know a lot about ford engines at the moment. I'd like to be know what 2.0 engine (not 2.3 or 2.5) will reach my desired 200hp, fit in the mk1 and twin 40s are a must in my "build". All information on the engines is desired. I've just finished my '97 Honda civic ek9 project so vtec engines I understand and have learned a hell of a lot through that. So now I feel like I am at square 1 again and just need showing the ropes with the new dimension that I am stepping into. Thanks for your time
  2. "Have you considered a 2.0 Zetec conversion? Easily acheive 200bhp with a few mods." You mentioned elsewhere. Just after different options and views.
  3. Why a zetec over a duratec? All opinions welcome mate
  4. What 2.0 duratec engine will drop into a mk1 escort? I'd also like to use twin 40s/ 45s (don't know if that would make any difference) Cheers
  5. I have, I just don't know what I'm looking at when it comes to which one to choose etc.. I need to do some homework, I know. What 2.0 zetec engines will fit and are known for reliability and bhp numbers? Cheers
  6. Hi there, I am only running through some ideas but thought I'd learn a bit about how to get maximum potential from ford engines. I am hoping to get a mk1 escort and through an engine conversion acheive 200+ bhp Can this be acheived with a 2.0 pinto engine? (I'm learning so be open minded with my "silly questions") What newer DOHC engines will reach my goal? Of course I understand I probably will need to forge bottom end, skim, port & polish, and aquire twin 40's (45s) I'd just like to learn a bit more about it all Reletively blank canvas, all relevent opinions welcome. Thanks for your time Regards, Reece