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  1. thanks a lot buddy, gave it some thought. coils are going to be purchased ;)
  2. okay mate thanks for the help! do you have any idea what 60mm / 40mm looks like? want it looking flush with top of the wheels and these are the last resort, other wise it is coil over time :)
  3. does anyone know of some cheap 80mm springs for a focus 1.6 mk2.5? been looking around and cannot find some cheap that will go 80, i kind of want to stay away from coilies as my budget isn't that big for suspension and my friend has got some horror stories with his coils ( that were cheap coils ) if anyone can link me up it will be much appreciated :)
  4. here is my mk2.5 focus 1.6, currently standard, dark glass but pretty plain apart from that, have some plans for it though. want it pretty slammed. can't find any suspension that will get it to 80mm, i want to avoid coilovers as my budget is pretty small for them and my friend has a few horror stories form cheap coilys, can any one link me up on some springs that will drop it 80mm as i cannot find some anywhere? planning on getting some american import fifteen52 wheels if all goes well but have a few other options if this does not go well. de-plated lower grill for her, smoothed rear door handles and going to tint the rear lights all red, will get around the indicator issue... only thing i have done to her so far is vinyl the grill strip black, even that looks a million times better. but yeah. 80mm springs, help me! want em cheap