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  1. Dealer Warranties

    Thanks for that bit of advice.
  2. What's My Car?

    Well thanks for that! Confused now. lol But you all agree that it is a MK1 (allbeit-hybrid)
  3. What's My Car?

    I have seen and read a lot about Ford Focus cars being Mk1 or Mk2. Can you tell me what this refers to. My log does not say Mk1 or 2. I have a 2003 . 1.8TDCL Ford Focus. You can tell I'm a newbie with Ford cars. Thanks :)
  4. Dealer Warranties

    As a new Ford Focus owner, I'm in a bit of a quandry and would like some input from you more experienced owners. When I bought my 9 year old Ford Focus 1.8 TDCL I took out a short warrantiy cover...just in case. It's now been 4 months and the warranty is due to be renewed. I have been quoted £199 for 12 months cover. It seems to be quite comprehensive, everything except parts that fail with wear and tear. My question is should I take out this extended warranty? How reliable are Ford Focus's? I look forward to your answers. Thanks.
  5. Hello everyone, Just like to say I am new to this forum and that I am a recent owner of a Ford Focus. Never driven a Focus before, in fact in my 36 years of driving I have not driven any Ford cars before. So I can say I am a total newbie. Looking forward to chatting to you and gaining as much knowledge from you about this model as I can. Glad to be on board! dragonslair.