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  1. APR is 4.2% on my ford options agreement.
  2. Deal done. Just ordered a Molten Orange ST2 with Style Pack. Should get it mid-march on a 14 plate. Can't wait! £16,950 with the £500 ford deposit allowance and £9,200 for mine. Pretty pleased with that. £1,770 off the list price. Its going to be a long month and a half.
  3. The dealer has offered me an extra £669 off the overall deal (not sure if this is more for my car or discount on the ST) if i take the car on a 63 plate. Since theres only a month before the 14 plates come out, do you think this would be a good deal? Are there any disadvantages of taking the car on a 63 this close to the 14 release?
  4. Jordan, I'm on options with my current ZS Been paying £200pm for 2 years, £600 deposit, £5200 GFV. Had a part ex against it too.
  5. Thanks Jordan I popped into my local dealer on Friday to get a quick quote. Without any haggling whatsoever they quoted me £17,220 including the £500 ford deposit allowance. Judging by what your saying, that is looking pretty good. They offered me £9200 for mine (12 plate Zetec S with the street pack and bluetooth/voice control, 8000 miles, perfect condition apart from one small scuff on the front passenger alloy). I'm hoping i'll be able to get more out of them than that.
  6. Hi Guys, I'm looking to upgrade from my current Fiesta Zetec S (12 plate) to a new Fiesta ST2 in the next month. I want the ST2 in Molten Orange with the Style Pack. The base price is £18,720. Realistically, what sort of discount do you think I'll be able to get off the base price from a main ford dealer? Has anyone bought one recently and what sort of discount did you manage to get? Any help would be great. Thanks, Ian