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  1. Rear Hatch

    Hi It was the switch assembly (the rubber encased switch you press to open the boot), the actual catch/lock that mechanically clamps onto the steel hoop on the boot opening was not affected on mine.
  2. Fix Boot Lid Lock Random Opening Problem

    Thanks for that, i'll let you know how i get on in the next couple of weeks
  3. Fix Boot Lid Lock Random Opening Problem

    Hi Lippo Thanks very much for this, i have problems with mine intermittantly not working (it doesn't open itself but sometimes doesn't open at all - the number of times i've emptied the boot by folding the rear seats down!!!). I'm going to strip mine down now i know its so easy, thanks again for the well illustrated info. Thanks Richard
  4. Help - Cmax Bonnet Wont Open !

    hi, my cmax does the same, still does. Don't know if this works on yours but i can open mine by applying some upwards pressure on the bonnet as i turn the key to position 1 then 2 and it opens. Its as though its jammed and needs a helping hand, hope this helps. Richard
  5. Cmax 2005 Towbar Help

    Sorry forgot how to use this reply thingy The fitting kit instructions say you have to remove a section of bumper 60mm x 25mm from the bottom edge. I fitted a removable type towbar to mine and i had to remove a section of bumper the same size. You can't see it as its right underneath the car. I bought the wiring kit for mine and it was quite straight forward if you follow the destructions to the letter. The time consuming bit was removing all the plastic panels etc to get to the bumper nuts and bolts, took me about 3hrs from start to finish from memory. Link to the one i fitted - http://www.towequipe.co.uk/products/towbars-and-towbar-wiring-ford-focus-detachable-towbar/048-183-bosal-towbar-detach-fits-ford-focus-hat-c-max-03-to-10.html If you download the fitting instructions for this one it has more details with pics on how to remove the bumper etc
  6. Cmax 2005 Towbar Help

  7. CMAX Wet fuse box - electrics going mad!!

    Hello, The 'puddle' wasn't near Cockermouth in Cumbria was it?? I'm trying to work out how the inside of your fuse box got so wet just by driving through a 'puddle'. It sounds like it was wet electrics and by drying them out you have sorted it though.
  8. Simple question Wheelie

    Hi No problem, You may find this link - Ford ebrochure download site useful for selecting and identifying ford wheels. Download the pdf accesories catalogue from the link on the page and the ones that fit your cmax (and mine) are on page 20. The ones i fitted are part number 1314915 (7 spoke anthracite 18" - the paint on the inside of the wheel matches my bodywork) which happen to be fitted standard on the Mondeo Titanium X model which there are alot of around, so secondhand prices are generally cheaper, hope this helps you decide. Any of the wheels on that page should fit correctly. I would have attached the brochure but there is a 2mb filesize limit :( PS the brochure mentions a steering rack limiter should be fitted for these wheels, i haven't fited one and even with the suspension lowered haven't had any clearance issues on full lock or being driven hard
  9. Simple question Wheelie

    Hi What year is your Cmax? The 06/2003-04/2007 models have a slightly different offset and wheel size to the latest 04/2007 onwards models. And what year Galaxy are the wheels you are buying from as they changed offset etc after 2005. As far as i can tell they all have the same 5 stud pattern so physically they may fit but the slight differences in offset may affect the handling and eventually cause premature wear on your wheel bearings and may also rub on your bodywork at full lock etc. Also any differences in rolling diameter would affect your speedometer reading. Personally i have fitted the 18" titanium X 7 spoke alloys from the mondeo / also available for the cmax as an accessory from ford (same part number) and there are plenty about on ebay (cheaper). I paid £300 for a set of 4 unmarked with conti sport contact tyres hardly worn!! They make the car go round corners like its on rails especially if you fit the upgraded eibach sport springs available from ford for £121 inc vat. I also recommend fitting Koni FSD (Frequency Selective Damping) shockers @ £460 set of 4 as these actually improve the comfort of the ride even with the 18" low profile whees/tyres and stop nearly all body roll on corners (mine drives and handles suberb now). ;)
  10. electronic hand brake

    Hi, Mine doesn't, but it is an 04 plate, it might be a feature on the newer ones? All my manual says is 'Press the brake or clutch pedal and press down the switch to release the Electric Parking Brake'
  11. Tuning Chip Advice / Brakes

    Update - got the box, but it won't communicate with the C-Max ..... yet. Tech support very helpful, the PC / Box software is being updated by someone in Italy just for the C-Max, tech guy from chippeduk is working on it today (Good Friday) from home, hopefully will get a new program emailed to me today.
  12. electronic hand brake

    I have similar problem with mine.....the only way i can get it to release sometimes is to dab the foot brake which lets it off, but that doesn't help on hillstarts as you need your right foot on the accelerator!! It does release sometimes with the lever on hillstarts but only sometimes, there must be a knack to it. I once got stuck on a single track lane with cars waiting in both directions and couldn't get the bl**dy thing to release, until i realised you just pressed the footbrake........very embarrasing, did a John Cleese on it later :-)
  13. Tuning Chip Advice / Brakes

    Hi, thanks for both of your posts i have bought the ST3 self-remapping box from chippeduk, basically you plug it into the diagnostic port and download the cars original map onto it, then upload that via t'internet to chippeduk, they then write a new map for you and send it back, which you then load back on the ST3 box and upload it to the car, you get 2 maps in with the price (choice from economy, power or race or whatever you want if you talk to them) (i think you only get one with bluefin from superchips) I'm going for economy (+28bhp/+55Nm/+20% efficiency) and power (+36bhp/+75Nm) - i'll let you know if these are realistic claims - i'm quite sceptical. The great thing is you keep your original cars file safe somewhere and you can swap them about as many times as you want apparently!!It should be here tommorrow so i'll let you know. Regards
  14. Tuning Chip Advice / Brakes

    Update to this post - have just bought a ST3 tuning box from ChippedUK comes with 2 'maps' - 'economy' and 'fast road', i will keep this post updated as to the results if anyones interested
  15. C- Max MPG

    Hi only just noticed your post. I've been looking at Bluefin chipping system (£381 all in) by superchips for my 2.0TDCi. I've attached the dyno data (pdf file) for my car from superchips. It looks like the 2.0TDCi they tested put out 152bhp standard at the flywheel (Ford quote 136bhp - is this at the wheels?) With the chip fitted it gives 176bhp at the flywheel so i presume by the same factoring this is @157bhp at the wheels. What make of chip is yours? Also just had an insurance quote off www.adrianflux.com (modified car insurance specialist) that is only £40 more than i'm paying now with the chip fitted, lowered suspension, sport dampers and 18" wheels!!! There's not much pursuading me not to go for it (apart from the missus!) Focus20tdci136.pdf