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  1. 03 Ford Mondeo Cooling Fan

    thankyou dan will try that at some point
  2. 03 Ford Mondeo Cooling Fan

    ok thanks dan to have a fault code would my engine management light come on ??? i have been reading a lot about the resister in the fan failing and causing it to stay on
  3. 03 Ford Mondeo Cooling Fan

    also it wouldnt be thermostat surely it comes straight on when the ignition is first turned on with the engine cold and engine not even started ?????
  4. 03 Ford Mondeo Cooling Fan

    hi guys yea forgot to mention the temp never goes over half
  5. hi folks im new here so please be gentle lol i have a 03 ford mondeo 2ltr petrol i have only just bought the car and have noticed that as soon as i turn the key in ignition without even starting the engine the cooling fan comes on and stays on until i switch off the ignition anybody any ideas ???????