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  1. 1.0 turbo is at the front whereas the ST's at the rear. The joining points for the cat are in different locations.
  2. The full system won't fit the 1.0. Your better off with just the back box
  3. The ST stock pipes is 55mm and your 1.0 stock pipes is 45mm
  4. The back ST backbox will sound awesome
  5. Focus RS exhaust rubbers fitted. No more bouncy exhaust 😆
  6. So succumb to the clear brake light brigade 😆 Also added some Focus RS exhaust exhaust Hangers for good measure
  7. I got the style pack, rear electric windows, parking sensors and part leather seats. Didn't bother with the camera as I had it in the Titanium X and found it a distraction
  8. Well what can I say. It's an ST, the end. Mines an ST 3 and my previous car was a Titanium X. Both cars had similar spec. Amazing car
  9. Wheel repair paint just in case
  10. Getting the Mountune intercooler ready for a fresh coat of paint. New stencil sourced.
  11. You'd expect the later seats to be better but doesn't look like it.
  12. So the the STs developed its first fault. I had my suspicions that the seat was reclining on its own and read up that other members have experienced the same. I marked the adjuster with blutac and low and behold the knob turned about 45° in the last week. Looks like a trip to the dealership soon 😔
  13. No