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  1. Yes mate, they are. Been really busy the last few months so no had time to update my thread.
  2. I'm still here. Yeah kettles always on mate
  3. Looks like Kingsly lives local. He got his car from Worthing Dinnages 🤣 which I'm quite familiar with.
  4. Yep 👍
  5. There you go
  6. I'm gunna send the mirror back as I suspect it's not fully compatible (not a Ford mirror) I'm gunna get a new Ford mirror and give it another bash. If that doesn't work I'll ask Ford to take a look under warranty.
  7. Did you ever sort this Chris? I've just replaced mine with a new mirror and have the same issues. Mirror folds on the switch but not on lock.
  8. I downloaded this https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4kK7sBL_tqLNVFldHZTNm45V0E/view?usp=drivesdk
  9. Not yet mate. Will get around to it soon though after I've sorted some other bits.
  10. It only affects the parts you change or attached to. Like you say, a map wont effect issues with a water leak or loose seat.
  11. Yeah some parts do invalidate warranty but not the whole car. I currently have 2 issues which aren't related to the MR kit so not an problem with warranty.