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  1. Exactly. Also find it a bugger to grab the seat belt. It's way to far back on the 3 door.
  2. No finance sorted yet but got quotes from http://www.carwow.co.uk
  3. Test drive booked. Discount arranged. Option sorted 😆 ST3 sometime in January
  4. Where do you think James got the info from 😆
  5. I'm waiting outside the dealership right now.
  6. Hi mate. Yep I have one fitted. Definitely worth doing. You feel the benifits straight away without any adverse effects on the gear change. I'll find you a link to my page. Another mod worth doing is the leather gator from the ST. Fits with a bit of modding.
  7. I added extra chrome 😆
  8. They do now. It's called the ST Line
  9. Just to note that 125PS is still Tax exempt for the moment where as the 140ps is £20 I think. This is due to the different gearbox setup. A mapped titanium x was my option. Has more gadgets than an ST / ST Line etc, free road tax, better 0 - 60 than a 140ps. Great little car.
  10. I couldn't tell the difference between the two but I don't have an open cone filter.
  11. I must stop wasting money on the Fez 😂 For Sale
  12. Test fitted the AS Pipe and didn't notice any difference in profomance or sound.
  13. So the satnav is sold and purchased an AS crossover pipe. Opinions? Or stock pipe