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  1. Still due at the dealership end of next week Wes. it's gunna by a busy week when it arrives.
  2. So made an impulse buy today. Just couldn't help it
  3. I wasted money on the MP135 and never again. Mountune are well respected and I love there stuff but offering 10PS for 500 note isn't worth it just because is "warranty friendly" As mentioned just wait till you warranties up and pick one of the other tunes. Alternatively you could go down the Mountune MR165 route. Most of the hardware is warranted but the tune isn't. The kit isn't cheap but i highly recommend it. I've been running it for 35k miles without a single issue. Ford couldn't care less what mods you do, they just won't cover the work for free if your mods damage something.
  4. As for the gear knob, I could just buy the insert 😂😂
  5. Bet a black trim steering wheel with cruise will be impossible to find. I'll be interested in the air vents if you find the part numbers 👍
  6. Nice one Mark never thought of the vent rings. May also get the stearing wheel trim black if it's available with cruise. Focus 6sp gear knob also on the list now to carry on the black theme. Part No's 1798600
  7. More modding planned for the ST. This time its the doors and center console. The ST comes with unpainted trim so gloss black trim will be added to the "to do" list. Door handle - Part No 1829560 RH Door handle - Part No 1829583 LH Airbag - Part No 1803487 Inst panel - Part No 1828983
  8. Discs seem to not last nowadays but are cheap to replace. I changed mine after that sort of milage but only took me about 8 months. Discs warped but that was down to my driving style. New discs and pads from Ford are fairly cheap and are easy to fit. Anyone with basic tools can swap out the discs and pads in 2 hours. just make sure the calipers are in nice and tight when they go back on and use a tourque wrench if you have one.
  9. They introduced it around the middle of 2015. The primary role of the backing plate is to prevent stones and other road crap hitting the disks
  10. Yep that's it mate. As soon as I herd there was a 5 door comming I was strait down the dealership. Glad I picked spirit blue and looking forward to collecting it.
  11. Just started my ST thread. Need to add links and piccies but you can take a look here
  12. I might as well start an introduction and brief history of the cars I've owned. Over the short period I've been driving I've owned may Ford's. Most have been Fiesta's with the odd Vauxhall thrown in. in 2010 i owned my favourite car, a Profomance Blue Focus ST3. Anyone that's ever owned a 5 pot Volvo powered ford will know they make an awesome noise. After saying goodbye to the fuel hungry Focus I went back to the Fiesta and the new 1.0 Ecoboost 125ps version. in fact I had 2 in 4 years. You all know what I did to the little fiesta mods wise and had loads of fun doing it. I planned on keeping my Titanium X for a while but as usual Ford release something I like and I get distracted. This new distraction was the sudden announcement of a 5 door Fiesta ST in the UK. To me this was the one car I always wanted as a 5 door option and I'd been waiting 10 years for it to happen. With this news I rushed down to my nearest dealer with a wad full of cash. Fast forward 8 weeks and the new ST is nearly here and only 2 weeks to go. On order is one of the first firsta 5 door ST3's in the UK. I went for Spirit Blue out of the 5 colour options available. I've already started collecting part, some from my Titanium and some from Facebook / Internet. While I'm waiting for the car to arrive I might as well list the things I have planned for when it arrives. So here goes.... First thing strangely will be the wheel center caps. Ford decided that this year everyone will get black center caps. I'm getting spirit blue so want blue. https://www.fordpartsuk.com/shop/ford_fiesta_alloy_wheel_centre_caps_set_of_4_2008-2012_f_KIT1429118_c_478.htm Next on the list is mist / fan washer jets. I personally love them so decided to get some new ones. there only £4 so why not. Mist Jets http://www.fordpartsuk.com/shop/ford_focus_non_heated_windscreen_washer_jet_f_1708796_c_923.htm I have an ST space saver wheel but not the correct retaining bolt or foam padding so there also to be added to the ST. it will come with the inflator but don't plan on using that. Wheel Parts http://www.fordpartsuk.com/shop/ford_fiesta_spare_wheel_fixing_screw_130mm_f_1766944.htm http://www.fordpartsuk.com/shop/ford_fiesta_space_saver_spare_wheel_spacer_from_2012_onwards__f_1778266.htm Bulbs are next. Osram NightBreaker lazer H7s and Nightbreaker H1s all ready to be fitted. H1s http://www.powerbulbs.com/product/osram-night-breaker-unlimited-h1 H7s http://www.powerbulbs.com/product/osram-night-breaker-laser-h7-twin 5 door sill plates from EBay next. personally think these should have been provided considering its an ST 3. http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/291861292898?_mwBanner=1 I still kept my Mountune airbox from the Titanium and will be sticking it in the ST too. to compliment that I've purchased a Mountune induction hose from our friends on Facebook. Also purchased were 2 hose clips. Airbox. https://www.mountunestore.com/collections/mk7-fiesta-st/products/fiesta-b299st-mtune-215-power-upgrade-kit Hose https://www.mountunestore.com/collections/mk7-fiesta-st/products/fiesta-b299st-high-flow-induction-hose?variant=780300821 Hose Clips http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/140763609769?_mwBanner=1 Obviously a map is planned and the MP215 kit is gunna be my choice. because of my many purchases from mountune I've been offered a very reduced rate. https://www.mountunestore.com/collections/mk7-fiesta-st/products/fiesta-b299st-mtune-215-power-upgrade-kit Possible gunna add the Mountune Gator again. https://www.mountunestore.com/collections/mk7-fiesta-st/products/fiesta-b299st-leather-gaiter Last on the initial list is a foot rest. I've seen loads and can't decide on a style yet. personally I might change the pedals to the older ones (spots) and get a plate to match. any ideas would be welcome. Well that's it for now so keep comming back for updates. I'll put up some links to the mods so far and add piccies. Thanks for reading