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  1. Part Numbers Cover 1806222 Bolts (1 of each) 1683973 + 1780192
  2. If anyone's looking to up the power on there fiesta I have an intercooler for sale.
  3. So, I'm finally joining the ST brigade and placed my deposit on a spirit blue 5 door ST. Can't wait to get it and show it off.
  4. Yeah I'm sure the ST will get the same treatment. As for your wheel you can just swap the bits over with issue. They should all fit.
  5. Mountune stuff for sale Quick shift for 5 speed fiesta box £100 1.0 Ecoboost Intercooler £200 All in excellent condition and posted FREE.
  6. These parts are only for the UK mate. Not to sure about yours.
  7. Will have a full set a Zetec S grilles for sale soon. This will include upper and lower grille, Fogs and lower front spoiler. If your interested let me know.
  8. You've all probably read by now that Ford have decided to finally release a 5 door Fiesta ST. With this news I'm pleased to say I'll soon be putting my order in for a Spirt Blue version. I've always wanted a 5 door ST ever since the MK6.5 came out around 06 So the Titanium X is slowly going back to full standard condition so parts are slowly being sold off. Now before you ask, the mountune hoses are staying on till Jan time but all the other bits have been going up for sale over on Facebook (MK7 Fiesta page) This is what I have left. Zetec S foot Pedals and Focus Foot Rest. Zetec S Front Grill (black) with Fog Surrounds and Front Splitter. LED Fog Light Units. Mountune Short Shift. Eibach Lowering Springs with Zetec S Shocks. Mountune hoses and Intercooler. I'm keeping the airbox and filter for the ST 😆 If anyone's interested in any of the bits listed give me a PM and I'll sort you out. I have a few other bits but have interest in them already or have already been sold so if it's not listed then is already gone. Thanks guys.
  9. Probably different part number mate. I think your bumpers a different Shape to our EU variant
  10. High temperature paint is what you need. It'll last longer that the hammerite
  11. Sorry mate but it's sold now :( Here's a clip of what it sounds like with a stock system
  12. Yep that's the diameter of your pipes. I have a backbox for sale with sleeve and RS Rubbers