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  1. They never worked properly on the Fiesta anyway so no real loss 😂
  2. Exactly. Also find it a bugger to grab the seat belt. It's way to far back on the 3 door.
  3. No finance sorted yet but got quotes from http://www.carwow.co.uk
  4. Test drive booked. Discount arranged. Option sorted 😆 ST3 sometime in January
  5. Where do you think James got the info from 😆
  6. I'm waiting outside the dealership right now.
  7. Hi mate. Yep I have one fitted. Definitely worth doing. You feel the benifits straight away without any adverse effects on the gear change. I'll find you a link to my page. Another mod worth doing is the leather gator from the ST. Fits with a bit of modding.
  8. I added extra chrome 😆
  9. They do now. It's called the ST Line
  10. Just to note that 125PS is still Tax exempt for the moment where as the 140ps is £20 I think. This is due to the different gearbox setup. A mapped titanium x was my option. Has more gadgets than an ST / ST Line etc, free road tax, better 0 - 60 than a 140ps. Great little car.
  11. I couldn't tell the difference between the two but I don't have an open cone filter.
  12. I must stop wasting money on the Fez 😂 For Sale
  13. Test fitted the AS Pipe and didn't notice any difference in profomance or sound.