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  1. So the LEDs are off to there new owner and HIDs now on order. I've used this kit in the past and loved them. On order is a set of 35w 4300k HIDs http://www.hids-dire...conversion-kit/
  2. I've only had the lasers a few weeks so can't comment. I've read they won't last as long as the unlimited.
  3. Yeah I'm sticking with the Osram's for now. The Nighteye's are definitely better than stock.
  4. I did 30 miles with them fitted and have made a decision already 😆
  5. Picture 1 is the Osram Nightbreaker lasers and Picture 2 is the Nighteye LEDs
  6. Definitely better than stock but as you can see very similar to the osram Bulbs.
  7. So. Can you tell the difference? 1. 2.
  8. The cooler won't give you any notable increase in power especially this time of the year. The cooler really only keeps air temps down so not really gunna be noticeable.
  9. Got mine today. Only took 2 days. Here the eBay link for anyone interested in getting some. Will be fitting the drivers side in a mo and will give it a test tonight and take pictures for comparison with the Osram Nightbreaker lasers I have installed.
  10. Eibachs and Mountune don't void warranty 👍
  11. So thanks to @Paramanic I gunna try these Nighteye LED jobbies. 25 notes on ebay so why not.
  12. Only works for 1 car only. It saves your original cars map on the handset so in theory can be loaded back onto the original car as many times as you like. The only way it will work on another car is if it's reset by superchips. This is free within 12 months of purchase, after that it's almost the cost of buying a new one.
  13. The stock Titanium was way too soft for my liking hence the lowering springs to firm up the ride. The ST is a little firmer than the lowered Titanium. I can see why people don't like the ST cos it's to firm but I personally love it. The ST handles totally differently to any other fiesta but it's an acquired taste.
  14. Collecting some more goodies for the fiesta tonight. Thanks again to @Mike l Guess I'll be busy on Sunday
  15. Yeah I've ordered some. Will report back when I've tested them out.