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  1. Wheels and bodywork getting sorted today.
  2. So sold the Mountune Gear Knob and recouped the cash I paid for it. Put the money towards this from our friends over at FiestaSToc 👍 Not fitting for a while but will update when I do.
  3. Visited the curb the other day so a bit of tlc was needed
  4. Love it or hate it, I couldn't pass up the opportunity for a bargain.
  5. A few more MR bits in readiness for my appointment this month.DMB as usual provided the steering wheel gel and Facebook for the Mountune gearknob.
  6. Finally got the intercooler and pipework installed. Rained all day but sod it.
  7. ST back today. Leak sorted but couldn't find fault with the seat. Will have to see how that goes and chase up with Ford CS if the problem persists.Intercooler and pipe work getting fitted tomorrow. Woohoo. footrest in now
  8. Still waiting for the return of the ST. It's been at the dealership for a few days now for a water leak and the drivers seat. The loan can is a delightful Fiesta zetec 1.25 and I hate it 😂
  9. Forge hot side pipe also done. Just need to get the front bumper off next week.
  10. So, another Fiesta another leak 😠 Brand new Fiesta ST. 3 months old and water running down the C pillar and collecting in the boot. Off to the dealer next week.
  11. Fresh coat of paint applied. Just a bit more baking on my boiler then the lettering will be added
  12. 1.0 turbo is at the front whereas the ST's at the rear. The joining points for the cat are in different locations.