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  1. The back ST backbox will sound awesome
  2. Focus RS exhaust rubbers fitted. No more bouncy exhaust 😆
  3. So succumb to the clear brake light brigade 😆 Also added some Focus RS exhaust exhaust Hangers for good measure
  4. I got the style pack, rear electric windows, parking sensors and part leather seats. Didn't bother with the camera as I had it in the Titanium X and found it a distraction
  5. Well what can I say. It's an ST, the end. Mines an ST 3 and my previous car was a Titanium X. Both cars had similar spec. Amazing car
  6. Wheel repair paint just in case
  7. Getting the Mountune intercooler ready for a fresh coat of paint. New stencil sourced.
  8. You'd expect the later seats to be better but doesn't look like it.
  9. So the the STs developed its first fault. I had my suspicions that the seat was reclining on its own and read up that other members have experienced the same. I marked the adjuster with blutac and low and behold the knob turned about 45° in the last week. Looks like a trip to the dealership soon 😔
  10. No
  11. The ST180 Mountune box is the same so look out for a second hand airbox for arround £100
  12. Good question. The LEDs are way better than the stock bulbs 👍
  13. One of the ballasts started playing up so returned them for a replacement. So far no contact from the company so I've started a PayPal dispute. None at all. Personally I found the LEDs to be no better than the osram Nightbreaker laser bulbs I'm using now. Hids on the other had are a huge improvement.