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  1. Drivers Door Won't Lock With Key

    Found the spare key - it seems to work! Saved me a few quid - money that I'm gonna invest in another key being cut I think. Thanks for your help :)
  2. Hi, I have a 2003 for Ka - it does NOT have central locking. The drivers door will not lock with the key, however it locks fine from the inside - and can be opened with the key. The passenger door opens/unlocks fine. I've done some research and it leads me to believe the barrel may be worn? I've read that you can replace the Tumblers (not even sure what they are). Ideally, if any work needs to be done - I'd like to be able to use the same key. Also - just a thought, approximately 3 months ago I had a similar issue with the boot - I sprayed in some WD-40 and that solved the issue. Could my Key be worn? - What are the signs? Thanks in advance for any advice. Wayne
  3. Hey, Brand new to all this - a friend suggested a remap after learning I have a diesel. I have a Fiesta 1.6 TdCi Zetec Ecotonic 2 ( I think) I have looked all over but am struggling to find anyone who can remap this model. I have around £200 to spend and am in the Bolton area. Anybody any hints/advice about this? Thanks in advance :)