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  1. Appreciate the advice, but have already paid £150 to have this done. The issue is that they now say the actual tank needs replacing not just the fluid or the filter (which apparently is still ok).
  2. Does sound like a money making scheme to me. What's the EML? Still can't find a trace of the tank as a replacement part in itself. Apparently it's a sealed unit and they can't say what's wrong with it. Just "there's a fault"
  3. I have just had the DPF fluid topped up at Ford and a forced regeneration carried out. No problems with that. However they state there is a further fault showing (and hence the engine malfunction light is still on) that states that the DPF fluid tank needs replacing at a cost of over £500! As the car is running fine and I am not rich I am holding off getting this done. I tried to search for the part on the internet and can't find it at all. Anyone had this replaced before and know if it can sourced at a cheaper price? Many thanks Stephen.