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  1. Mk1 Focus front wing removal??

    Hi markw here, maybe able to help u, if your focus is around ayear 2000. I changed my nearside wing. first jack up your car and take off the road wheel, then take off the the wheel liner ( plastic one piece) should be help in place by crosshead screws. there is a couple of 10mm bolts under the front bumper take them out, open the door there is a bolt at the bottom just by the door hindges, then the bolts that run along the top of th wing under the bonnet, then just undo the wing indicator. HOPE THIS HELPS<TOOK ME ABOUT AN HOUR MY FIRST TIME>
  2. Hi yet another new member here, can anyone help. got a 2000 reg focus and iam trying to fit footwell lights so they only come on when doors are open can any one tell me were i can tap into the wiring as there are no door pin switches on my focus. thanks markw