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  1. Hi Alex from the connector there are three wires bl/wh br/gr br/wh looked at the wiring diagram two wires come off one to earth and one to the battery they are br/gn and br/wh so which is pos which is neg looking the AMBIENT LIGHTS SINGLE-COLOR wiring diagram looks like br/gn is pos and br/wh is neg hope this helps
  2. hi thanks for your reply here a link it will work on two windows
  3. hi all i need help on wiring in a window rollup module my motor is a euro spec mk3 focus i want to install the module my car has front electric windows.and manual for the back here are some wiring diagrams any help of you elecy guy would be appreciated
  4. Hi mark right the ambiant lights work same as the dome light. come on when they do and turn off when they do..but at night or when it is dark in a garage or tunnel ect. they turn on there must be a light sensors so they are not on all the time during daylight but they are on at night like the dash lights. Hope that explain it for you .
  5. Hi mark had a look at the phobya high intensity led strips will not fit .the female socket are for four wires not three. And the socket is the wrong shape here's a pic of the footwell socket it is L shaped I did try to find a socket the same but only way you will find one is from ford nowhere else
  6. Hi all can anyone give me some information regarding the ford ambiant lightning. When you open the door the lights on the doors turn red.I would like to know is there a alternative way of fitting something what acts the same as fords but cheaper. Is it possible cheers guys
  7. what is the legal requirements regarding lights on opening doors at night ?? and is it a MOT fail if you have any other color lights than red on opening doors ??
  8. hi guys if you wana put some footwell lights in take a look at my post DONT splice into your loom buy the one in the post so you can go back to stock if you have to.... cheers guys
  9. hi put a little bling on the audio unit without.... and the audio unit with bling... hope you like it should look good at night with the dash lights on heres the link
  10. Well guys got my loom from ford and did a temporary attachment with the blue in the car and plugged the loom into the plug under the drivers dash. and Hey Presto it worked and went off with the courtesy lights the loom part number for the loom is BM5J=14F009 x 2 cost £15.00 heres the led strips off ebay and below pic of the lights working so i will get back to you all when i fit them in the car[ attachment=12844:IMG_20140228_161006.jpg]
  11. hi everyone just pop up to my loacal ford dealers and orederd the scufff plate wires Part Number: 1741802 (QTY2) for £15.00 will fit them when they arrive will keep you guys posted
  12. Hi guys just reading your post interesting I've just found the plugs for the footwell lightning for the ambiance lighting you guys get over to my post and see for yourself..makes intresing Reading.
  13. Well not only the gear knob the illuminated sills as well you can buy the wiring for £15.00 have a look at this post ...You need to purchase two connection cables - ford part num BM5J-14F009 A.
  14. As well s Nathan the plug you have found looks like it's for plugging into a module for satnav or sync something like that.don't think it's for ambience lighting. Well what have i been up to over the weekend I have been scouting round the local car scrap yards for the lamps .I did manage to find one mk3 yes one to say it was bare was a understatement it was like our kid's wallet nowt in it at all.I had a look under what was the dash .guess what nowt!! .no lamps I think it was same spec as the search is ongoing... Aswell as going to the scrap yards I had a look under the driver's side of the footwell after spending ten minutes of straining my neck and softly squeezing wire's. Yes yes I found it the little white plug and it was not were I expected to be it was to the right of the footwell. Next to the driver's door just above the lamp holder.were the bunch of wire's meet wrapped in black tape as in the passengers side but the passengers side was slap bang in the middle of the footwell. The drivers side The passngers side
  15. well I've only looked under the passengers footwell .move the seat as far back as it will go lie on you back and put you head under the glovebox and remove the soft pannel.with the two pinch tab holding it. place your hand in middle at the back of the glovebox.just were the soft panel finished you will feel a small rectangle bulb holder just above that there are a bunch of wires wrapped in black tape get a Stanley blade and CAREFULLY cut the tape and the little white plug will be there