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  1. Ford Fiesta Mpg Poor

    my 2005 55 plate is getting 29 - 33 mpg (1.25) anything north of 37 would be a dream
  2. Power Steering

    Hello Again all is anyone else experiencing heavy power steering on the mark 6 55 plate fiesta. Its like !Removed! driving a transit -car went in peugeot for repair and I think they fiddled with it
  3. Fiesta 1.4 Tdci Zetec

    Hey all Apologies if this is in the wrong place. ive had the ford fiesta 1.4 tdci for almost two weeks now its done around 3000 miles and the mpg is constantly reading from 45-48 mpg on the combined cycle but I am no way achieveing that. what are other people getting from their new babies
  4. Aint been here for a while certainly the forums have grown a lil.....reminds me of a colt and I dont particularley like them
  5. Philips blue vision

    have you changed the foggies aswell??? thanks for the pics
  6. clunck noise

    Hi All I have recently experienced a really horrid sound when either turning right or going over a hump. This noise sounds like something is going to snap....and normally occurs when I drive over a hump even at extremely low speeds of 5mph. Obviously the faster the speed the more apparent the noise is. The noise only happend when I turn right sharp and violently. any help as to what it maybe will be highly appreciated. Thanks
  7. FOCUS RS 2009

    any one got a focus rs 305 + BHP????
  8. Philips blue vision

    have you heard of the philpps diamond vision they burn ar 5000Kelvin
  9. New fiesta

    not bad im assuming you dint use the scrappage scheme
  10. Titanium Individual

  11. Ford Insure...

  12. I Kerbed My Wheel

    normally 50 quid a wheel for mobile alloy wheel repairs when i checked last
  13. Updates

    im assuming the facelifts are very minute ecoboost never thought of fords being economical should be fun to see
  14. What MPG for Fiesta 1.25 petrol you getting?

    i just worked out my figures using the torques website apperantly im getting 23MPG city driving im guessing thats okay i dont thrash the engine just alot og accelerating an de accelerating
  15. USA Ford Fiesta Photo

    lol was just bout to say wheres the rest of the car but i guess reminds me more of a focus than a fiesta not entirely bad and as for the foggies well it is america so everything gotta be SUPERSIZE lol