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  1. Things I Do Like

    It wasn't sold off cheap as it's been in a recent accident was it?*****-10900899
  2. Yes, sorry meant to have confirmed that. Here is the link to the tint limits:
  3. Careful on the tints if you go the 'stealth' look.
  4. Tailgating van

    What a bell end! Tailgaters get either of two responses from me, one is to simply lift off the accelerator and gradually slow down (which I did this evening to the wonderful person in the VW Golf following me home) or the other is to lower the driver window and wave or 'signal' them to back off. I occasionally 'signal' out of the rear window but keep forgetting that I've got factory tinted rear windows and that they probably can't see anything
  5. Both are tidy cars though I prefer the black over the blue. Welcome to the forum.
  6. Here is one thread where Nighteyes were tested out. One user (Willy) went back to Osram Nightbreaker Lasers after trying out the LED's.
  7. service schedule

    Head to and enter your vehicle registration and you can generate the service schedule.
  8. Type of engine oil

    I've edited my original post as I was meant to have posted 5w-20 .
  9. Type of engine oil

    5w-30 **Edit** Sorry, meant to have typed 5w-20 The handbook also lists 5w-30 but as others have said, the 5w-20 is the recommended type.
  10. New Fiesta Reviews are in.

    Waiting for the ST to be added
  11. Fiesta ST3 - some advice please!

    Yes. You can use it to plug in devices to read various outputs etc. but all I do is enable/disable it before a service. I never took any GAP insurance but I did look at ALA and another third party.
  12. Fiesta ST3 - some advice please!

    As Mark has posted, I must have got the premium mats with the ST3 and bought the mats for my Zetec. I picked up this steering lock which adds a little more of a deterrent ( ). I've also disabled the OBD port.
  13. Fiesta ST3 - some advice please!

    I've had my ST3 for 2 years and 3 months and have done just under 16,000 miles. My daily work commute is ~18miles each way with mixed 30/40/50/60mph A roads and I've accurately calculated 41mpg over the total mileage (trip computer is reset on each full tank and the readout on it is 45.1mpg as of yesterday). I've only used premium fuel, mostly Shell V-Power (30 tanks), Esso premium (14 times, mostly full tanks with a few top-ups) and 1 tank of Tesco Momentum 99 (which gave me a noticeable drop in power/mpg). I have some ST car mats but can't honestly remember if they came with the car or if I bought them online (haven't actually used them as I kept my previous Zetec mats which are still going strong). I'm still on the original Bridgestone Potenza's which at my last service at the end of March had ~6mm rear and ~4mm front. Unfortunately I've slightly kerbed both passenger front and rear alloys within 6 months of getting the car (both times when attending medical appointments so I must be cursed when doing so ). I didn't take out the dealer insurance cover though I should have sorted out some kind of third party cover which would have been better value. Still, since kerbing them, there has been no more damage so I will get them sorted out before deciding on either keeping or returning the car next March. Last but not least, the oil for the Ecoboost petrol engines (including ST) is 5w-20 though 5w-30 is also listed in the handbooks. I picked up 5L of Castrol Magnatec Professional 5w-20 for £28 before my service and it knocked £100 off the cost!
  14. My Fiesta - From Start to Current

    Congratulations on passing your test The car looks good and the alloys go well with the black paint. Perhaps an S/ST honey comb grille to finish the front off?
  15. It's always worth putting in your From and To locations into Google Maps and setting the your Arrive by/Depart at times and the date to get an idea of the traffic flows. If you're traveling on the 7th June (next Wednesday) then it's going to be a normal working day and schools should be back (at least in Kent) so arriving anytime around 3pm on the M25 would be the beginning of the school kick out times and evening rush.