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  1. I don't like the continuing abdominal cramps I'm going through. Going to be contacting the gastroenterology nurse tomorrow
  2. Another prime example of a Vauxhall getting taken out of the motor pool. If the driver had been going any faster then they would have been taken out of the gene pool as well. http://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/news/14791962.Fury_at_A1_gridlock_as_motorists_describe_diversions_as__complete_shambles_/
  3. I do like that I was finally able to indulge in a bit of sweat chocolate flavoured poison in the form of a large McD's milkshake without experiencing masses of pain and other wonderful side affects of Lactose intolerance . Finally took the chance on ordering some Lactaid tablets online and happy to say that they work a treat .
  4. Unique yes, awesome I'm not so sure. It looks like a malnourished frog
  5. Man card revoked I'm afraid . A few years back the original release used to be lethal. Now not even the XXX / Black Mint has any affect .
  6. This will be right up Willy's street
  7. I was going to say that the mapping is already TomTom. Think I have V5 in mine.
  8. Hi Darren. I've the same issue in my works Fiesta Van that I only noticed last week when trying to clear some mist on the rear screen. Have you found out the cause?
  9. Afternoon Paul. I've got the same issue in my works Fiesta Van 62 plate. Only noticed it the other week when there was a bit of condensation on the rear screen. Did you find out what the issue was?
  10. I forgot to check my father's car but if it hasn't got them then I doubt he will pay more to get them retro fitted. This is the turn signal type: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Crystal-Sequential-Switchback-LED-Strips-Dynamic-Indicators-Turn-Signals-DRLs-/272258994180
  11. If Audi's have them then I'll have to check my father's S8. Haven't even given it a look yet since he had it delivered about 2 weeks ago.
  12. There are three words missing from that photo. Nom, nom, nom!
  13. Thanks Willy. Found them after a quick search. Shame that the indicators aren't LED. I can't remember if it was a Volvo that I saw turn off the dual carriageway in front of me the other day but the indicators were LED and lit up in the direction of turning (as in lit up and tail end turning off).
  14. Where did you order from? Part number?