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  1. Window tint removal?

    Couldn't you check Ford ETIS to see if the glass is factory tinted?
  2. Which DashCam?

    I should have clarified my question, I meant is there a list of approved cameras rather than which insurance companies (though it would be good to know which insurers as well)? I'd rather have an idea of which cameras insurers approve before buying one for my father's car.
  3. Mobius mount

    I can't remember where, but it was somewhere on these forums, I found a link to the following Mobius mount: I am looking to get something that blends in and fits on the back of the wiper senor box on the windscreen. Obviously this mount is setup to tilt the wrong way so my question is, is there something that is does?
  4. Which DashCam?

    Is there a list that you can provide? My father is picking up a new car soon and his insurance will be up around the same time.
  5. Ford Sync Updates

    Damn, forgot to try to see if my full formatted USB stick would work. Will try tomorrow.
  6. Ford Sync Updates

    Snap. No luck with files in root drive. I've only tried using 1 usb stick (8gb Sandisk Cruzer Fit - the small stubby ones) but I have a 16gb version that I haven't tried (will leave it for tonight).
  7. Ford Sync Updates

    To expand on this it says to make sure the file is in the root directory. The USB software downloads 2 files to route of the drive (autoinstall.lst and install.lst) as well as the folder SyncMyRide with multiple CAB files and a single large SEC file which appears to be the firmware. I've copied all the files from the SyncMyRide folder into the root of the USB drive and will go out and try again. I also can't seem to view the install instructions. It just opens up a blank tab and puts the other tab back to the login screen.
  8. Ford Sync

    First thing I would try is to simply delete and re-add the phone via Bluetooth.   There is a thread here that's been discussing Sync updates with the most recent post by Willy linking to the Indian Ford site which allows you to download Sync updates. Thread: Specific post:
  9. Rubber nut caps

    I bought a couple a few months ago when the first time one went missing (have 1 spare). I thought it might have been somebody in town after I parked at the rear of some houses just at the back of my father's restaurant. Stupid thing is that they are £1 each but everywhere that sells them still charges £3+ postage when they would be fine by normal postage for less than £1.
  10. Rubber nut caps

    Then it's probably my prat of a brother being a knob then. My car has been parked up outside of our house the last 2 weeks and we live 50m of the main road down a private shared track (only our family and two owners of the fields & stables next to us come down it).
  11. Heated Fan Type Washer Jets

    Are these still available? I couldn't find any on Kevin's store and the previous link is gone.
  12. Rubber nut caps

    This might be a stupid question but I'm asking it anyway. Has anybody had the rubber nut/bolt caps on the wiper blade arm come off? I ask as on several occasions I have found that one or both have come off (first time round one was gone altogether, last few times either they have been just under the bonnet in the plastic vents and/or one was on top of the bonnet just at the top). Either they are springing to life OR some fecker is messing around with my car!!
  13. Ford Sync Updates

    Either I am already on the latest update or I don't know how to update Sync in the car :). This is my version: Update name: E1BT-14D544-AG 13C SYNC Gen1.1 Release for EU Region Also I had a bit of fun and games downloading the software onto the USB stick as I had IE in Protected Mode at first which prevented the ActiveX running.
  14. What's Your Winter Mpg Loss?

    I have been keeping track of my fuel usage with both Fuelly and FuelLog on my phone. Only thing is I haven't really driven my car more than 10 miles in the last 2 1/2 weeks since getting a VW caddy van for work (new job :D). I think I lost ~2-3mpg in my Zetec in 2014.
  15. Help!!!!

    Ah yes, Super Mod :D Almost called you Karen as well (not going to help me if I did :D).