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  1. There is a thread here discussing them:
  2. I do like a good laugh. Johnny Vegas sorted that out tonight:
  3. Corrected your typo there Russ.
  4. I've got H7 Osram Nightbreaker Laser's and H1 Unlimited fitted in my ST.
  5. The LED DRL headlights in my 2015 ST are H1/H7 and I believe this is the same for the rest of the Fiesta range since the LED DRL became standard. Can't comment on the Crystal / Xtreme vision bulbs though as I have got Osram Nightbreaker Laser H7 dipped and Unlimited H1 full beams:
  6. On a lighter side of children sleep walking stories... I once slept walked down the stairs with my duvet around myself and proceeded to go out of the front door (don't worry I got stuck in the porch as somehow I was fooled by the flimsy outer door ). My reason was apparently I was late for the train! Best sleep walking episode was the trip to the kitchen in which I proceeded to pee in the dustbin. My dad was in the living room and could see the top of me over the breakfast bar and could obviously hear the sound of running water but didn't twig that it wasn't the tap. Oh and to keep this thread on topic... I don't like being (almost every other day at the same location coming home from work) being cut up by impatient twonks who speed past in an outside filter lane to force themselves one car further up the road into slow moving/stationary traffic. Bell end candidate tonight was an 2001 Audi A3.
  7. I'm very much a fan of stand up comedians though I've been to very few shows. I've had a few trips up to The Comedy Store in London and loved that (though it's a little small and stuffy inside). I'm thinking of getting tickets to see Milton Jones in November which would cross off the list another TV comedian I enjoy watching. Many years ago my father once left his BMW 7 series outside our house with the key in the passenger door (same side parked up to the pavement) for a similar period of time with no takers. Perhaps a key finder device for the blip key and get another spare key for yourself is an idea?
  8. I've just been shopping around and I'm getting quotes upwards of £150 more than Aviva or the few 'no quotes for you' responses.
  9. I did like seeing Ross Noble: Brain Dump live at the Marlowe Theatre on Saturday. Almost crying with laughter at times
  10. 37yo, 2yr NCD, 2015 Fiesta ST. £315 last year, fully comp + legal with Aviva. This year I have been quoted £314 but I will need to contact them to include protected NCD for renewal.
  11. Bark, howl, squeal, squeak, moan, our dogs make all those sounds and more. Sometimes the smallest thing might set one of them off and all of a sudden you've got a scene like out of a wolf documentary . Our Doberman dislikes the horse in the neighbouring field, where as he doesn't give two hoots about her (just stands right up against the fence munching on the grass). Quietest dog we've had was our male Rottweiler who once knocked me flat on my backside as I walked through the pitch black through our front gate up to the door. The outside motion lighting had yet to detect me, and hadn't picked up Benson moving silently towards me, until he jumped up to greet me .
  12. I do like being out of the office on Monday at a software user group conference in the NEC, breakfast and lunch included. Far better than being stuck in the office. Apart from our male Rottweiler, none of out past or current dogs would be phased by where a piece of food was placed. Bowl, kitchen counter, table, book shelf. Some of our Cocker Spaniels have been like mountain goats to get up to something if they think it's worth the risk . Our female Rottweiler (Kiya) would be able to catch a piece of food thrown to her no matter how far or odd an angle. Our female Doberman (Skye), on the other hand, manages to miss most attempts to catch a piece of food and ends up batting it with the top of her muzzle into the path of one of the Cocker Spaniels.
  13. There must be a quicker way to rid him from our screens!
  14. When I picked up my ST I also forgot to check the locking nut was in the car. I contacted the dealer to see if they could check that they had it but in the end they had to send me another set of nuts and new locking nut. I got them changed over at my nearest Ford dealership (purchasing dealer was 110 miles away). Ford dealers have the tools to remove an old set and replace them with a new set, not sure if this is something that any other garage can do. **Edit** Or you could try buying this and getting a new locking set.
  15. I do like watching The Last Leg on Ch4 on a Friday. I absolutely detest the bell end that is Russell Brand