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  1. I'm sorry for your loss Ghana. Take pride in the fact that you rescued Brandy and gave her a good life for all the years she was with you. I'm sat here myself with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes as it feels like only yesterday that I was in the same situation as yourself with our female Rottweiler Kiya who was put to sleep in July last year at almost 14 years old.
  2. I would report the matter if I was in the same position. If she has insurance and is stopped by the Police then there won't be any harm to anybody, if she's truly uninsured and gets stopped then it serves her right. Why the hell should people get away with driving uninsured when the rest of us pay!
  3. I don't like fecking hate the white Ford transit van that decided that he was going to overtake as many vehicles as possible on icy/snowy roads during morning rush hour. I've got him on dashcam but it's too cold to go back out and get it from the car (plus I'm too lazy right now to do it). Needless to say that white van man peeved me off I also don't like the women in the silver Mazda (I think) that decided to dance in her car with both hands off the wheel!! Again, got her on my dashcam.
  4. Driver was inside as I gave them a quick blast of my horn and a 'wtf' hand gesture as I went past.
  5. Shame on this Ford Fusion owner. Parked in a bus stop and part in the live carriageway. Obviously the bus needed to stop but couldn't pull in which, combined with the legally parked car on the opposite side of the road, meant the whole of the road was blocked.
  6. Another LGA employee here. Got a couple of free drinks from my team leader at our team xmas diner last week if that counts.
  7. Just seen you post here Jamie (after my post in the MOT thread). Glad you're ok!!
  8. Permanently? Doesn't sound good ***EDIT*** Just seen you're post in 'I Don't Like' thread. Glad you're ok!!
  9. This is the link for the recall: https://www.dft.gov.uk/vosa/apps/recalls/searches/expand.asp?uniqueID=7E425291F1BD95758025800B002AC26A I've never really thought about buying a vehicle that had a recall issue. I'm note sure on how much of an issue the glow plug recall is and, if the replacement module resolves the issues, then I guess there shouldn't be any problem (assuming the rest of the car is in good working order). If you're in doubt, don't rush things, try contacting the local Ford dealership as they should be able to advise you on the recall in greater detail.
  10. If you're buying from work then you could argue about having to spend your own time to fix a matter that they should be responsible for at the present time. Depending on things, you could put the idea to your boss about getting the time off (without losing pay) to get the car fixed if the company don't do it themselves.
  11. The replacement part/s should resolve any issues. Where are you buying the car from? It might be worth asking them to get the car serviced and recall dealt with before you purchase.
  12. No, you don't have to pay for any work required as part of a safety recall. http://www.carbuyer.co.uk/tips-and-advice/101033/recalls-should-i-worry Some of our fleet works vehicles are 62+ plate Fiesta 1.5L diesels and are all being recalled for the same issue.
  13. Welcome back but please leave the tootie fruitiness at the door Would love a good burger right now with lashings of mayo. In fact I'm sure our dogs would like the same. No messing around with food and our dogs, in fact most of them wouldn't even let any food see the light of day for a split second before wolfing it down Oh dear Recently treated myself to the OnePlus 3T phone. Massive upgrade from my 3yr old Nexus 5.
  14. It does feel good to find lost items, feels better when those lost items were 'safely stored away' in a place you swore they would never get lost in I hate that as well. I'm not fond of posting in the wrong thread either
  15. Here is a quick comparison between the standard ST and Laser dipped bulbs. First are standard and second are Laser.