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  1. Hi Mark. I had been reading about the restrictor prior to the purchase so had a rough idea what it would do. I have seen a few clips on YouTube of squeaking noises after fitting and that Mountune say to give it 1000 miles to settle. Did you declare it to your insurance? Cost any extra? I'm with Aviva and have yet to fit the restrictor so will check with them later.
  2. Picked up the roll restrictor as a bit of an impulse purchase the other day (12 days of Mountune) and wondered if you have any update after the year so far?
  3. Was looking for something on Google Street view and come across this fine example of parking:,1.4276693,3a,89.9y,237.57h,79.94t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sBnQdfhDuJpIJh2RKx3ZXcg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en
  4. After I read your post I logged into the India site and it said there was a download available for my VIN. I updated via the site earlier in the year so I'm guessing (without trying to update again tonight) that it still works.
  5. Personally if I had problems immediately after getting the car I would hand it back and walk away. I couldn't trust it even if the dealer found and fixed the problem.
  6. Coming out from Halfords this evening.
  7. If anybody is wanting to take a punt at these they are currently £19.99 including free delivery.
  8. help

    I was going to say that was very cheap for the year, then re-read it's per month .
  9. 5L of 5w20 Castrol Magnatec Professional oil for >£30inc del.
  10. Street Works (roadworks) Network Data Officer for the local highway authority. After my MRI this morning, I've been moonlighting in the same area
  11. help

    Try as many sites as possible, both comparisons and directly through insurers. If you get a good quote now they will usually last for 30 days (mine did with Aviva) as I understand some quotes go up the closer you are to the insurance expiring. Try the driving app's that some insurers use. I personally used the Aviva app prior to renewing my insurance in March and got a discount of £105 off of the first quote (£415 down to £310 for the year). I was driving a works vehicle at the time of using the app (which was tracked for speed etc.) so it made it easier to not be tempted to do that extra ~5/10mph .
  12. If the road is part of a development then it's highly unlikely that the road is adopted. If that is the case then the Highway Authority will do nothing. As I've only just came across this thread a whole lot later, I would have suggested this:
  13. All I could image was this:
  14. Evening Chris. Feeling slightly better off this last day or so compared to the previous three weeks. MRI appointment turned up today for the 17th November so will see what's going on then.
  15. Clear vinyl wrapping.