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  1. Which make LEDs are you using for the rear bulbs?
  2. Back to work Tuesday and Wednesday but off to the hospital on Thursday and then off Friday. I would have probably booked the whole week off but being at home at the moment isn't fun either
  3. To be honest OxygenOS is just One Plus's own tweaked style of Nougat. No different to whatever Samsung do to the vanilla Android version. My previous phone was an original Nexus 5 with which the last update was to Marshmellow. Before that I had a Samsung Galaxy S2. I liked the no bloat of Nexus but wasn't going to pay £££ when Google released the Pixel phones so jumped to One Plus. The 3T is as close to vanilla Android as I can get without going Pixel.
  4. The OP3t runs Nougat beneath the OxygenOS. I picked up the 128GB on release and there is plenty of space for my daily use. Combined with an OTG cable and any typical cloud storage you can get and I don't see the need for expandable memory (personally).
  5. Mini bump. Currently £18.11 for the H7 pair at Amazon:
  6. The three on the right were outdone by the lady in the green KA. Almost forgot the van and Caterham on the trailer.
  7. There is a thread here discussing them:
  8. I do like a good laugh. Johnny Vegas sorted that out tonight:
  9. Corrected your typo there Russ.
  10. I've got H7 Osram Nightbreaker Laser's and H1 Unlimited fitted in my ST.
  11. The LED DRL headlights in my 2015 ST are H1/H7 and I believe this is the same for the rest of the Fiesta range since the LED DRL became standard. Can't comment on the Crystal / Xtreme vision bulbs though as I have got Osram Nightbreaker Laser H7 dipped and Unlimited H1 full beams:
  12. On a lighter side of children sleep walking stories... I once slept walked down the stairs with my duvet around myself and proceeded to go out of the front door (don't worry I got stuck in the porch as somehow I was fooled by the flimsy outer door ). My reason was apparently I was late for the train! Best sleep walking episode was the trip to the kitchen in which I proceeded to pee in the dustbin. My dad was in the living room and could see the top of me over the breakfast bar and could obviously hear the sound of running water but didn't twig that it wasn't the tap. Oh and to keep this thread on topic... I don't like being (almost every other day at the same location coming home from work) being cut up by impatient twonks who speed past in an outside filter lane to force themselves one car further up the road into slow moving/stationary traffic. Bell end candidate tonight was an 2001 Audi A3.
  13. I'm very much a fan of stand up comedians though I've been to very few shows. I've had a few trips up to The Comedy Store in London and loved that (though it's a little small and stuffy inside). I'm thinking of getting tickets to see Milton Jones in November which would cross off the list another TV comedian I enjoy watching. Many years ago my father once left his BMW 7 series outside our house with the key in the passenger door (same side parked up to the pavement) for a similar period of time with no takers. Perhaps a key finder device for the blip key and get another spare key for yourself is an idea?
  14. I've just been shopping around and I'm getting quotes upwards of £150 more than Aviva or the few 'no quotes for you' responses.
  15. I did like seeing Ross Noble: Brain Dump live at the Marlowe Theatre on Saturday. Almost crying with laughter at times