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  1. Hi All New to the Club but me an other half now have Fords so thought about time. We have just got her the Ka of her dreams! A little Ka 2001 Silver. Could do with a little beginners help!! Done a few usual visual mods wheels/bodywork/stencils etc but want to slowly move on. She has a new K&N type Cone filter and hosing - Bay of E has a lot to answer for?? Mainly for bling coz until the money comes in a bit quicker it is not going to make a massive difference to the speed etc ;) Anyway my question is this - Having checked in the old Haynes Manual there is a hose from the Oil filler cap to the back of the airbox, I understand this is to do with emmision control/crankcase blah blah. Do we need to keep this attached to the new feed somehow? Can we just get a diferent Filler cap or is this important (it acts as a filter I think). Any help from other modders would be appreciated. Cheers Hutch