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  1. Solution To Water In Plug Ports

    I did fit the new jets ,they still leaked, had to silicon them in the end but fitted cover as a precaution, as fords seem to be getting their parts from china, and we all know what rubbish comes from there.This problem caused me a lot of money and lost time so i am taking no chances. I have been a ford man for over 30 years but if this is how they are going to treat their customers i'll go eslewere.
  2. Solution To Water In Plug Ports

    Thanks to Member named Petar i have fitted said volvo engine cover, easily aquired from local volvo dealer using part numbers supplied, cost with screws £19.00 plus vat,spoke to volvo parts they said these covers were standard on volvos. When i asked ford customer relations why they did not fit one, their answer was they did not know, they did come back to me after speaking to their technical department( a premium phone number to you and me) they also didn't know, what a shower, thank god for volvo.
  3. Solution To Water In Plug Ports

    thank you for the info on volvo engine cover. I had this problem of water in plug ports in april last year but thought this was caused by having car jet washed . my mechanics dry it out replaced the plugs, leads and also the coil all was then fine,until january this year. i had not gone to jet wash since the last problem. i broke down the same old problem had raised its head, again water ingress into plug ports. in my search for assistance i managed to find a ford garage.i had dried out the ports but needed plugs removed and cleaned as car was still misfiring. it was there they informed me that it was a known problem caused by leakiing washer jets, unfortunatley that was as far as their help went, they couldn't do anything till the following day,so much for customer service!! I eventually got recovered home by the AA after their roadside mechanic removed all but one plug, which had seized in situe and cleaned and dried the leads even changing to a spare coil as it still had a misfire on number four plug which was not the one he could not remove. On taking to my mechanics the next day who are very good and reiable ex-ford, i informed them of the cause of the original problem they were gobsmacked that fords had kept this to themselves. Unfortunatley the siezed plug broke in the head on trying to remove, but this was not the only problem, so did one of the bolt holding the covers either side of the ports.they did manage to drill out the bolt and remove the plug eventually. plugs, and leads were replaced and the washer jets replaced with the new type advised by ford. this friday after heavy rain all day my engine light came on, as the car was not misfiring i continued and reached home. the next day i dried of the bonnet and when i lifted it the no.1 plug had water on it and the top well was full off water so much for fords modification!!!!!l Volvo must have had same problem or foresaw the problem with this engine but had the sense to rectify with and an engine cover, was it to much to ask that fords could not do the same. the two breakdowns cost me a lot of money how many other ford owners have shelled out hard earned cash because of fords negligence, i can't believe this has been going on since 2009.