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  1. Cheers all - an im glad u liked the pics in that introduction bit too :) x
  2. Haha cheers guys - I will be posting more pics later x
  3. cheers, thanks for the 1 person welcome lol x
  4. watch out for leaking roofs. my mate had 3 and they all leaked x
  5. ......Is there many on here???
  6. anyone fancy a meet in south wales?? x
  7. Hello there.. Im Debz and im from Cardiff... I couldnt find a place to post members pics so I will post 1 of me and car on here :) IM THE BLONDE ONE :)
  8. Debz SportKA 1.6 SE

  9. Debz SportKA 1.6 SE

    My lil Sportka
  10. Debz SportKA 1.6 SE

    Here is my lil KA shes called EBAFA :)
  11. Hello all My name Debz, and im from Cardiff. I drive an imperial blue sportka SE. Im on a few car sites at the moment and do a bit of promo work for 3 of them too.. If there is anything else u want to know about me. just PM me Cheers xxx