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  1. Stop me from designing! I dare ya!

  2. Sounds great, very excited for you mate! I also had an online quote from a dealer near Leeds via I'm not sure about the model you were looking at but (even with their £495 hidden paint fee!) are still £400 cheaper and they'll deliver it for free. I did hear back from with regards to buying the fiesta as a retail customer. Their final quote was about £130 more than I'm still waiting to hear back from my local dealer (whom I would prefer to go with anyway).
  3. @smfdurham - Congratulations on your new Fiesta 1.0 ecoboost titanium x in moondust silver. Can I ask whether you dealt with your local dealer or an alternative supplier? Is your new Fiesta being built to order or was it already in stock? Hopefully today I will hear back from various suppliers including my local dealer.
  4. I have since discovered my discount sites advertise a price then add at least £495 do matter what colour you choose (even the solid Race Red). For example, advertise the 1.25 82PS 5dr style for £10,119 but actually the minimum price you can buy it at is £10,614. So it might be back to the drawing board again (still waiting to hear back from drivethedeal).
  5. Another route to consider perhaps? - Has any one had dealings with Broadspeed? More expensive than I wish to pay but taking the 1.25 82PS Zetec 5DR as an example, Burns (link in previous post) charge £11,995 (here: and Broadspeed charge £11,119 + £199 fee (here: It might be that we need to start looking down the nearly new route again however I'd love to find a new UK Style 1.25 82PS 5DR for under £9,500. (Yet to talk to
  6. Well spotted @igglepiggle, I missed that note before. I think it is still worth giving them a call on that number. I'll let you know what the score is afterwards. The 2014 BRAND NEW FIESTA 1.25i 60PS STYLE 5DR on Burns is £10,795, over £1,000 more than the 82PS version on DrivetheDeal. Thanks for identifying the disclaimer.
  7. Was ready to take the plunge with Motorpoint until they told me the car was an import from Malta with only 24 months warranty. Which started on the 1st January. The deal just looked too good to be true ... Unfortunately in this instance it was the case. Has anyone had experience with They are next on my hit list at £9,577.77.
  8. Many thanks for all your replies and useful advice. @tomroscoe - I've been eying up a Fiesta Style on Has anyone had any experience with this method? They are offering a brand new 5dr Ford Fiesta 1.25 82 Style for £9577.77 delivered (no add-on's included in that price). See it here: If I was to go down the 'buying new' route I would prefer to deal with a local dealer but if they're too expensive then I'd try something like I'm a little concerned with nearly-new cars or pre-reg sales from dealers as the price mentioned above is very close to what they are looking (ref: @BrownMotoring - Thanks for the heads-up with Motorpoint, they're selling the model mentioned above new at £8,999 today. That's been the best price I've seen so far! Where are they based? I'd probably need it delivered to West Wales (although a road-trip could be fun!) Did you buy your car from Motorpoint?
  9. Hello all, My first post to this great forum. I hope to buy a brand new Fiesta style 1.25 82PS 5DR either 63 or 14 model. As this is my first time purchasing new I would love to hear your experiences in buying directly from a dealership and perhaps even the best way of achieving the best price from your dealer. Any advise would be greatly appreciated and I look forward to hearing your stories. Regards, Daniel
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