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  1. 2008 Mondeo Zetec Stereo Problems

    cheers just ordered a single din surround today so wil go and look at a dab radio..
  2. 2008 Mondeo Zetec Stereo Problems

    Hi pal to be honest,i was just wondering what to go for..
  3. Hi all sorry for being a pain,but having just changed over cars from my old vectra :( i got hold of my 2008 modeo pretty cheap after the last guy had loads of problems and pretty much replaced most the engine,now the problem i have is that the stereo cd player is just a cd player but sometimes fails to read cds,so looking for a mp3 or usb stereo for the car as all the buttons on mine are also faded,any suggestions as the ford stereos on ebay are all rip off prices and i nearlly had a heart attack when i went to the for dealer near me (pye motors) any suggestions on what i should be looking for with a budget around £250 or lower..cheers for any suggestions guys