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  1. Happy Birthday STJordan!

  2. Same working till 7 in Stratford :/
  3. Will do :)
  4. That's fair enough :) where is the ford fair held?
  5. Would love a meet up ism from Essex though, would be a long drive! Jordan.
  6. My private plates still have the 14 because I thought it would bug me if it didn't, but the speed difference is incredible! I've done 280 odd miles and burned through about £60 already aswell haha :)
  7. Yeah! I chose white because I hadn't seen one. I have documents on the way so it won't have those plates for long! But it's a big jump from the 1.2 corsa I had before :) puts a massive grin on my face.
  8. Hiya. :) Just saw this thread and seeing as I picked my white one up Saturday morning thought I'd share a pic :)
  9. I am picking up my new fiesta on the 1st of March aswell :) in regards to the finance I just called up, asked for the results and they gave them to me over the phone, the registration is done for you I believe but if you have a personal plate you have to take the papers in before hand, that's my job on my day off haha :)
  10. Haha thank you :)
  11. Thank you :)
  12. Thank you James. :)
  13. Thank you Alex and I will do! The car is still wrapped up at the moment. :(
  14. Hi there! My name is Jordan I'm 18 and I have a month until I take order of my new Fiesta ST2 and just thought I would sign up and say hi. :)