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  1. Happy Birthday Robboo!

  2. what brand of coilovers do you lot use and recommend for a MK6 Zetec S
  3. Performance Upgrade Ideas

    Try and see if puma speed do anything for your car
  4. Zetec S Badges

    eBay's the best place to get the badges
  5. MK6 Zetec S bumpers are being targeted in and around Cardiff, one of my friends had both of his bumpers stolen on Sunday.
  6. Bonnet Vents

    I agree with mike! But if you do my advice would be buy another second hand bonnet put the vents in the second hand one, that way you don't destroy your good condition one and if you don't like them you can just change the bonnets over
  7. That's good really don't want a scraper, yeah want the alloys just tucked under the arches, just thought Id check before I go ahead and lower it
  8. Front Upper Grill

    Yes the third one looks like it's the one will drop the seller a email just to make sure though, thanks for you help pal
  9. Lowering Springs

    You will definitely need to give your mudflaps a trim, if you don't it will not cause a problem going forward, but you won't be able to reverse if you don't cut them you will end up ripping bumpers off which I've seen happen
  10. Front Upper Grill

    Ok mate thanks a lot, will have a look now
  11. Front Upper Grill

    Alight cheers mate, appreciate it
  12. Front Upper Grill

    Yeah those are what I'm after but they won't fit a zetec s as the body kit is a little different to the standard fiesta, I've found loads of them but not seen any for a zetec s, thanks anyway pal
  13. Front Upper Grill

    Does anyone know where to find a mk6 zetec s debadged grill, can't seem to find them anywhere on the net
  14. Hello :)

    Thanks guys :)
  15. Funny Article About Bmw Drivers!

    Haha thats quite funny