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    i dont - i have a fiat :/ :D
  1. Air filter on a mk5

    hi again, my mate has a mk5 1.25 fiesta he wants me to fit a K+N filter that i had lying about. how have you guys done this? is there a guide, even a picture would be great. cheers. matt
  2. Anti roll bar drop links

    hi, thanks for this, there were two small flats, a 17mm spanner did fine. :P in the end though we couldnt get the fronts off as they have a nut at the top that is 17mm, but has a plastic bit around it stoping it coming off?! how can we do this? kinda like this http://www.cabinnaise.com/vpage/nut.jpg but the rubber bit isnt attached to the same thing as the nut, and its much tighter to the nut. any ideas?
  3. Anti roll bar drop links

    p.s. sorry if this is in the wrong section
  4. Anti roll bar drop links

    Hello all! i have a confession to make - i dont own a ford! im afraid i own a F ix I t A gain T omorrow (dont kill me :P ) however my mate has a, wait for it, 1.8 diesel, Mk 4 fiesta. his shocks have had it, being quite technical im saving him the cost of him using a garage and changing them for him. heres the problem : the shock absorbers have a drop link to an anti roll bar. how the !Removed! hell does this come off? it has a 15mm nut at one end and a plastic ball joint thing at the other, with a rubber boot in the middle. sorta like this: http://www.fiatforum.com/stilo-guides/9644...nks-30mins.html (3rd picture down) except it dosent have a allen key slot, just a bolt. is the secret to this one behind the black plastic boot? should i just nail some mole grips to it? any advice much appreciated :)