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  1. Miles when Full - What does the computer say

    Hi, this morning at a fill up it reported 368 miles, on hols last week - Bolton - Poole - Bolton it settled at 49.1 MPG, rather impressed !!! Admittedly taking it a little easy, since still less than 1k miles. Always use Shell Unleaded, basic stuff, for the points! Cheers - Peter
  2. Ford Y Cable

    Hi, just a bit of clarity on the cable if you are NOT using a Y Cable. It should be a 3.5mm to 3.5mm Stereo Lead - connects to the iPod earphone socket >< Fiesta 3.5mm stereo socket. (Front of handbrake area) Maplin item code L29BA for a 1.5m long version £5.99, although can be far cheaper if you look around. Sorry JAR897, but the one indicated is misleading. Cheers
  3. Some interesting 'haggleing' news

    Hi, new here, ordered a Fiesta 1.6 Titanium 5 Dr, Bluetooth / USB, ESP, Metallic and yes a tow bar (small trailer for garden bits), did the internet research all very easy, had to go 50 miles or so to sign the papers, the local dealer did previously let me drive a 1.6 model so I thought best to offer them the chance to match - £12303 on the road - took about 25 minutes for them to decide, a straight yes was the reply, signed up there and then. Est for a 24.4.09 build date. Quite pleased, looking at the invoice the discount is against the base car 17.8% quite pleased. All the best in your quests