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  1. ive tried metal exhaust clips with no luck.. the annoying thing is my car seems to be really low to the ground and even when jacked up i struggle to get underneath. thansk for the correct ;)
  2. hahah made me laugh. Bumps*
  4. *SPELLING MISTAKE* - IT IS NOT 'MKQ' ITS 'MK1'Ok guys so its progressivley getting worse, if i turn sharpley or go over bumps or pot holes in the road my car makes a loud banging noise as if thye exhaust is hitting the underneath of the car when it gets bouncy. I have jacked the car up yesterday and shook my exhaust by hand, the box was hitting the frame of the car but im not 100% sure this is the problem because as far as i can see all of the rubber clips are still in place. I have also notice that alot of the screws/bolts holding the heat protectors to the car have also become rusted away so alot of it is loose - also making a banging noise. I tried metal tie clips trying to secure the exhaust but no luck.. looking for a cheap easy quick fix please guys. Thanks, mat.
  5. Sorry for the late update guys i THINK i have solved the problem, i literally took the the air filter pipe off the throttle body, left the engine running. A can of carb cleaner and a very dirty toothbrush later i maxed the revs to kick all of the white smoke out of the exhaust system. problem SEEMS to be fixed, until it breaks again i dont know. Fixed that problem and a new one came about. I shall open a new thread but i have a rattling noise when i go over bums in the road.
  6. just added them to my basket. Ok so the main question here is... Is my car safe to drive until i can find time and money to fix it?
  7. Thanks guys, being a massiove help. Ok so i'll straight away at replacing the tps. seen some on ebay for £20. I only have a limited tool selection, is it easy to replace? should i buy carb cleaner and clean the full throttle body also? thanks, mat
  8. ok so tps first and then what? would it be better to just take it to a garage or could a novice (me) fix this problem? i just despice the idea of paying lots of money for something i could of done my self. thanks, mat
  9. I shall seek ebay now! thanks a lot, hopefuly someone else can shed some more light on this
  10. ok, but what do i do to it to make the car work properly again? thanks, mat
  11. By the way the car is a 1.8 petrol
  12. Ok so i just passed my test and bought this car, two weeks later here i am, The car was fine at first and it still kind of is. However 4-5 times since i bought it the car has randomly shot up to 3-4000 revs. when in gear and driving the car drives its self and instead of using my throttle to speed up im using my brake to slow the car down. I get to traffic lights or a crossing and as soon as i put my clutch in the car shoots up to 3-4000 revs - very embarrasing. Now this isnt a problem that always happens, it happens maybe once every two days. At first i thought it could be because the car is cold as the first few times it happened i had just got in my car in the morning however going 60mph down a motor way it does it again?! the car was just trying to go faster and faster. Nothing i do actually seems to stop it, it stops when it wants. It never lasts long a few minutes at the most. I have searched and searched the web and got nothing, Ironically my late father was a mechanic and could of fixed this with his eyes closed. I my self do not know much about cars so if someone could please help giving me a dummies guide to fixing this problem i would be very thankful. Or if anyone in the hull yorkshire area that is confident they can fix it i am willing to pay? Thanks in adavance for who ever helps.