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  1. I jus purchased a sound system and recently fitted it in, the next day there was quite alot of rain and i went to fit my adapters for the door speakers and realised the inside of my door pannel was wet and had quite alot of water in them, i done a water test and it seems like the water is getting in from where the wingmirror sits, do i need new mirrors, seal or is there a way i can seal it. Cheers, Adam
  2. Fiesta MK5

    Jus uploading pictures as i modify my car
  3. Is My Fiesta A Mk4 Or A Mk5

    ive recently bought a fiesta off of my mate and its a 1.25L zetec engine its a 2001 plate ive jus trying to figure out whether its a mk4 or a mk5, ive attached a few pics bellow
  4. Fiesta Mk5 Boot Leaking

    Yeah it poured out when I opened it
  5. Fiesta Mk5 Boot Leaking

    Ive jus bought a fiesta mk5 and after this horrible rain ive opened the boot and water poured out of the bottom of the boot, would you suggest re sealing the window or the boot liner
  6. The radio doesn't seem to be working so I checked the fuses and number 19 a 7.5 amp fuse was blown, this also brought the abs or esp light on I can't remember so I swapped the fuse and it started working all good, the next morning my radio ain't working at all and the fuse hasn't blown I don't know what to check?