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  2. theoretically, but I don't think with our fiesta will reach speeds where it is important to have it. I think it's more aesthetic than functional
  3. ford provides a kit for the trim that will not affect your warranty. If I'm not mistaken is called eibach
  4. for me it's aesthetics, I put the kit individually and as you can see in the picture above the extractor provides this possibility, not everyone can like it is true, and not for more power and less inquinamente, but the result of M4RC for me is awesome :)
  5. We need something like this, but for the fiesta. And inexpensive
  6. Very nice congratulations :) rightly for my car is not good. I could use something like this, but double
  7. nobody? :)
  8. thanks: DI like your rims
  9. thank you very much :D
  10. hello guys, I wanted information. The next summer I wanted to change the muffler, but for the moment I would like to mount a double end connect by using screws. Do you know something is right for me?
  11. Hello guys, I'm new here. I write from Italy and I joined your forum because I like it. This is my fiesta :) only 60 cv but try to enjoy myself anyway. If I write wrong English correct me.