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  1. Happy Birthday kagirlxx!

  2. hi all can anyone please help me out here im trying to get alloys for my 2012 ka and i seem to be having a right nightmare. first of all ive had three diff alloys tried to be fitt tsw venom and cant remember the name of the others ,problem im having is i can get 1 on the front passenger side and cant seem to get the rest on am i just being blonde or is there something im doing wrong. I would love alloys on my car but just dont know how to get the right ones. ive been told by one person i can only have fIat 500 wheels surely that cant be right ? so i look forward to hearing from anyone as to what i can do thanks. :)
  3. 1.2 Ka Drinking Fuel

    hi thanks for reply im getting mixed answers im taking it to ford tomorrow and i will mention it to them and see what they say other than that its a lovely little car :)
  4. 1.2 Ka Drinking Fuel

    hi thanks for your its just gone on to 11000 so id say its defo run in saying that im not totally up on stuff of cars but i no well think this is not right it only costs me about 45 max to fill it is it me i had a citreon c1 before that ran on thin air and yes i understand this will use more but i just feel like im constantly putting petrol in
  5. hi everyone im new to this site so hi to all right my problem I brought a 1.2 ka 61 2012 plate just over a month ago and it feels like im driving a2 ltr it drinks so quickly and I mean quickly I don't even drive around a lot but should it really use a tank in a week ? the most ive had out of it around town is 280 now to me this is not good I can see that needle move when im driving and im not heavy footed so any ideas also I can not see any patches on the ground or smell petrol any advise would be good because im lost on this one thanks