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  1. Grill Types?

    I know what you mean there isn't alot of space between it all, mine to has air con but it doesn't work lol but saying that it think it's the blower unit because it's all on one fuse and if you put a higher fuse in you turn the blower on it really struggles to work. Maybe try and look to see if there is any different designs of bumper out there?.
  2. My Escort Van Won't Start!

    Could be a long shot but it might be the actual key,i take it you haven't got another key you can try?, because i've had a similar problem with an Opel Corsa i used to have, you would go to turn it but it would just keep on turning and wouldn't fire up so i tried the spare key and it worked!. I take it most Ford keys are chipped to the ignition and imobiliser?.
  3. Grill Types?

    I wouldn't worry about it mine runs hot too i mean when i'm constantly driving without stopping the needle will stay in the middle but like you say as soon as your slowly driving around town or stuck in traffic the needle creeps up pretty quickly (about 5mins) hits the L on NORMAL and the fan kicks in. I've renewed my cooling system so i know its running properly and like you i live in Spain and its always hot, but as long as your coolant is always kept topped up and your cooling fan kicks in when it should i wouldn't worry :-)
  4. Hi i too have the same problem on my Escort and it's been baffling me for ages i've changed just about every sensor, had work done to the engine, cleaned and replaced the idle control valve cleaned all the intake, looked for air leaks checked the cat and even checked the ignition side of things and it's still the same! but mines only when it's cold and aswell as it cutting out its also underpowered like it's running on three cylinders and after about 15-20 mins it's fine. So if i ever find out the problem i'l let you know.
  5. Engine Cutting Out When Running Cold

    Hi yes ive cleaned it several times and i even bought a new one and the same thing happens with the two. Its alot of fiddling about getting one off lol.Im really fustrated with it its a really good car i just want to get it sorted.Surely somebody else has encountered this problem. Thank you for your reply.
  6. Hello when run my 1996 1.6 zetec from cold it starts first time it runs fine but as soon as you rev it the revs drop and it cuts out and then its difficult to start, as its turning over you have to keep pumping the accelerator for it to start and it repeats this five or six times and as your driving it before it gets warm its under powered as if the fuel mixtures weak but when its warmed up it runs sweet as a nut. Ive just had all the valves and top end of the engine refurbished because it was running sluggish and now runs great and also over time ive checked for air leaks and replaced all sensors apart from the mass air flow sensor and the vehicle speed sensor i mean its got to be one of these i cant think what else it could be? As anyone had a similar problem?
  7. Overheating

    I second that the same happened to me but but my radiator burst so had to replace that but yes i would drain it flush it all through and fit a new thermostat :)
  8. Revs sticking

    Hi guys thanks for the replys i changed the idle control valve about 2 months ago thinking it was to do with another problem ive got with the cold start but no difference. im currently on holiday and took my car with me and so far it hasnt been sticking it sometimes does and sometimes doesnt!. As for my cold start ive replaced the control valve throttle valve and air flow sensor and no difference. Also checked vacuum hoses so all i can think of is the air temperature sensor il change that and see if it will sort it. The car is fine when its warmed up. Has anybody had the same problem?
  9. Revs sticking

    Hello i have a 96 1.6 zetec escort, for example if ive been driving for awhile n if i put my clutch in while still moving the revs stick at various points and even when i come to a stop it takes 4 or 5 seconds for the revs to drop to idle, i dont understand it doesn't do this all the time though it seems to me something is sticking, any ideas? be much appreciated if someone could help thanks
  10. Stalling Escort

    Hi everyone i have the very same problem with my 1.6 zetec its irritating! again it cuts out coming to junctions and runs really ropey until it warms up then its fine. The previous owner replaced the idle control valve not long ago so i replaced the oxygen sensor but made no difference and then i thought to replace the air flow metre bought it off ebay new put it on and the car ran worse loss of power not responsive and felt like it was running on 3 cylinders so put the old one back on!. I'm going give it a full service tomorrow so i'l try and clean the idle valve and check for split hoses.
  11. Excessive fuel consuption

    Hi thanks for your reply, regarding the sensor do you mean that long thin thing with a wire coming off it just below the manifold, i would put a Q mark at the end but cant work this Russian keyboard lol. Ive just bought the car last week and in general it runs fine, so you had the same symtoms with your car and if it is this sensor how much roughly would this part cost and do Ford only make these parts.
  12. Hello all im new to this forum, i own a 1996 1.6i petrol escort lx and and it burns alot of fuel more than it should anyway, also when i run the engine on cold the engine cuts out a couple of times but when it warms up it runs fine but hesitates on ecceleration a little. Could this be worn fuel injectors or some kind of sensor. Can anyone please help.