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  1. I have a 56 plate ford focus 1.8 petrol. Have just noticed that the air filter housing is loose. Looks like screws have stripped as they do not keep the housing firmly down. Screws do not seem to come out of the housing. Any advise of how to fix.
  2. Belt Or Chain

    Thank you for confirming it is a chain, also had this confirmed by LOOKERS FORD.
  3. I have a Ford Focus 1.8 petrol, 56 plate. Can anyone please advise how do I find out if it is belt or chain driven as it is coming up to doing 63,000 miles.
  4. Thank you Stoney for your reply. Thanks Hyrule, can you post your finding when you find out. All the best.
  5. I have a FORD FOCUS 1.8 Petrol. Recently noticed a click coming from fuse box/relays under passenger dashboard when switching ignition on. Also hear a single click when turning dipped headlights on only. Everything seems to be working apart from this click noise. Have only noticed this happening since disconnecting battery to fit a new driver's seat. Could anyone please advise if I need to change relay or if it could be something else. Any advise would be great. :D