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  1. I had a problem same as this on a Mondeo and it was the tension pulley. I squirted WD40 into the bearing and moved it up and down several times.
  2. I would just like to tell every one with the mk2 Ka that there is a new workshop manual now available, about time to.
  3. Thanks for your reply , it appears the odometer has been in kilometres all the time, changed it miles and now realise the car has not done the mileage I thought it had , so good news in the end.
  4. Bought my KA 10 reg two weeks ago. The mileage shown at 22050 , that has disappeared and have now a mileage of 14281. It actually says Total 14281 is that what your odometer says . would this cause a problem for the MOT, Thanks for any input you can give me.