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  1. great thanks mate, i will test it tomorrow
  2. I put the charged battery in and it started straight away, the battery light didn't come on so i suppose i will only know if its the alternator is flat, is this correct?
  3. cheers i am going to try and test it with a fully charged battery, if that battery goes flat will that indicate that its the alternator?
  4. Hi i am new to the forum, Basically the cigarette lighter fuse blew so i replaced it, then after replacing that the windscreen wipers weren't working so i replaced that fuse, then when i started the car the battery was drained instantly, i bump started it and managed to get it home but i noticed on the way the electrics were playing up, abs light coming on and off and steering assist was playing up, now when i start the car nothing happends it just makes a clicking, might i add the past few days its been making a slight wining noise in first and second gear, could it be an alternator issue? Please help from Jose