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  1. Interior Lights

    Hello All, Problem fixed.. Car went back to local dealer where a diagnostic check was carried out.The problem was a fault in the BCMI module(£352). This was then replaced.
  2. Interior Lights

    Thanks to you all for your input. Supplying dealer has now authorized me to go into local main dealer to effect a repair,will keep you posted.
  3. Interior Lights

    Hello All, I'm new to this forum stuff and just wondering if any one can help. I have recently purchased a 20k 10 plate zetec 140 s max, my problem is that when you open any door the interior lights do NOT come on however they do work when you press the buttons on the lights. I have checked fuses but i'm guessing that there is some door switch not working???/ Also forgot to mention that I've only had it 7 days and the Ford main dealer doesn't really want to know. Any help Cheers