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  1. Diesel Injector

    Sorry to bring up an old topic but I've just bought some 110 injectors and I need those seals and copper washers, Does anyone have links to them online or any ford Finis codes? Thanks, Jamie
  2. Ford Fair - Convoy From London?

    Also wondering about this, Not sure whether to use the m25 then m1 or m40, Going to be on another clubs stand but nothing stopping me from coming up with a few of you guys if we're all getting up there early to be on stand
  3. Meet In Surrey?

    Every Thursday or certain Thursday's of the month?. Im off next Thursday :D
  4. Meet In Surrey?

    I was working but more than up for going if I'm free, Bit off topic, Anyone else going ford fair?, Surrey convoy? lol
  5. I Hate Car Insurance

    Well I'm 22, I passed in August of 2013 and I was driving a R reg 1.2 Corsa breeze which was £115 per month but...That got wrote off after the first month, insurance said it was my fault, Now am driving this R reg 1.6 Zetec'd Escort and it's £223 per month, Was gonna get an Adam Jam 1.2 from new but asked my insurance how much it would cost to insure that monthly...They said £223 per month, So obviously numbers indeed, How can they insure me in a 1.6 the same as they could in a 1.2, My Escort has double the horsepower!
  6. Meet In Surrey?

    Are the meets part of any clubs/sites?
  7. They said I could become anything... So I became a Ford RS Cow
  8. Meet In Surrey?

    Always up for that sort of thing, Work down near Guildford so not too far away from me, Need to get this MK6 out and about
  9. The MK6

  10. 50% , Cant complain with that really
  11. Meet In Surrey?

    You're all quite close to me, Any of these meets end up going down?