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  1. The wife is £140.00 fully comp for our Zetec S. 9+ years ncb.
  2. I depends if it's going to be a regular thing or not. If not then a £30 lidle job will probably do. If You want something a bit more substantial look at the Saris Bones, an alternative is the Mont Blanc range. Good quality and cheaper than Thule. If your bike is worth the annual wage of a family from Dundee, get a tow ball. Bike roof racks are bad! The wind/rain eats headset and it kills fuel efficiency. Plus it can be a pain to load/unload your bike(s).
  3. Thanks for posting. I'll take your tips for the Wife's Zetec S. I can't help but think if I put my DH bike on your bike rack, the car would tip backwards. Lol.
  4. Considering it was an Audi and probably white... your fiesta was probably a rare site.
  5. Thanks for sharing. Looking to get one at some point. A white car for a Mtbr probably wasn't the best idea. ;)
  6. On the Wife's policy. 9years ncb. £140 fully comp. Half the price of the 1.5 Swift it replaced. :D