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  1. Engine Auto Stop/Start

    I didn't say this was something which i would do but the OP wanted to permanently disable the system and the above procedure might just do that. H
  2. Engine Auto Stop/Start

    If somebody has time, try this. Start Car and run normally, turn off auto stop using switch in centre console. Pull of trim along side of centre console and disconnect multi-plug on switch with the engine running. The car thinks the switch is faulty so it disables the auto-stop permanently. I don't know if this puts any warning lights on or if there are any other side effects but its worth a try. H
  3. Divorce is final!

    Hi There, sorry for the delay in replying. Been really busy. Vignale Mondeo :- Alloy wheels soft, fake leather on steering wheel coming off, Sync2 rubbish, paint chips too easily, seat stitching coming apart, drivers side carpet wear, door mirror back fell off, new windscreen from new as laminate fault, LED headlamps have an annoying squint, boot floor carpet marks, tyre wear, paint bubble lower osf door, Lots of other minor things. Edge, so far so good. H
  4. Traffic Sign Recognition

    Hi, thanks for the reply. The videos and explanation cover the basic operation but not what the 'reduced performance' message means. Unless I missed it! H
  5. Traffic Sign Recognition

    Hi There Picked up new Edge yesterday, all seems OK but one of the setting says "Traffic Sign Recognition Reduced Performance". What does this mean and does it indicate an error which needs fixing? H
  6. Divorce is final!

    Isn't it strange, i'm doing just the reverse. Out of a Mondeo 2.0 Vignale into an Edge Titamium 2.0 Powershift with a Lux Pack. Bad experience with a good, but needy, Vignale. Hopefully the Edge will prove it's worth. H
  7. Hello - Again

    Well, in a few weeks time the Mondeo Vignale will be gone and hopefully I'll have a nice new Edge Titanium Power-shift with Lux Pack to play with. First question, as always, is, can I enable drive-away auto-lock? Hamster
  8. Hi all First post for a long, long time. You can change from 'D' to 'S' almost willy nilly. The difference is electronically regulated. All 'S' does simply put is to keep the car in a lower gear for longer than would be the case for 'D'. This gives the impression of it being a bit more sporty. It is sometimes possible to demonstrate this by cruising along with a moderate throttle and knock it into sport, it should change down a gear which you can notice on the rev counter. Then knock it back to 'D' and it will change back up again. HTH H