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  1. 2016 edge cluster

  2. servicing

    There is no commission paid by the AA for referrals. H
  3. Bi turbo diesel

    Whilst I have no reason to have to justify previous posts, I think a bit of clarification is need here. Many people who fit 'tuning boxes' are not 'boy' racers. The market for these devices was largely created by exactly the opposite. Old, wrinkly, crusty, mobile home drivers. It's a well established fact that most manufacturers err on the cautious side when refining their diesels. For whatever reason there is always a margin for a bit of an improvement in day to day performance which brings the added advantage of increasing your MPG. Mobile homes are generally diesel and notoriously under powered, given the increased weight of the home on the back. As previously said, a tuning box or a SuperChips remap just increases the fuel pressure in a controlled way. This gives larger vehicles a better feel when driving. Particularly the Ford Auto (Not even a true auto as it's a 'PowerShift') The benefits are increased performance for the same effort, hence the better driving feel and better MPG because the engine works less to give the same performance. Mobile home'ers were some of the first adopters of this technology. As a general rule people see an extra 3-4 MPG, not a lot, but noticeable on a tank full, and significant over the life of a vehicle. If a boy racer wants a fast chavvy car, he or she (bit of gender confusion there) they are not going to go for a lumbering 2.0 TDCi Euro 6 Emission Ford Edge. They are more likely to drive a turquoise Renault Clio with the suspension too low. Generally, you can't chip a petrol Clio. (You can but its too complicated for a forum post). I would be more worried about your, not going above 2000 RPM, statement. This driving style is not good for your DPF. Modern Diesels need a bit of a blast plus a long run occasionally to get the DPF system to correctly regenerate. If you actually do it, pootling around under 2000 RPM is no good, and may actually damage your car. For a longer explanation on Euro 6, DPF and or PowerShift (DSG) Gearboxes, just ask. H
  4. Bi turbo diesel

    Yes, you can get a Mondeo 2.0TDCi Powershift (Auto) 180ps. (I know the Edge Auto doesn't come with this). Superchips is an option but they remap your ECU. OK, until a Ford Dealer updates the ECU software to resolve an issue and this overwrites the Superchips update and you have to pay again to remap it with Superchips. To 'get it' drive one with 'it' and you'll never drive without 'it' again. H
  5. Bi turbo diesel

    The operation of the tuning boxes is really rather simple. All they do is piggy back into the fuel rail and effectively just raise the fuel pressure. Albeit they do this in a precise and controlled way. The entire diesel injection system of a Bi-Turbo 210ps is almost identical to that of the same engine'd 180ps Mondeo 180ps. The software load on the tuning box for the 180ps will work just as well on a 210ps. The 210ps may be differently tuned, but this matters not to the common rail pressure. Just make sure that 'Auto' is specified, as a manual has a different power curve. It might be that in time a software load is developed specifically for the Edge but right now the 180ps will do just fine. The most important part of the 'Pick List' is to make sure the connectors on the wiring fit the multi-plugs which connect to the common rail as these can be diferent between manufacturers. Most Ford ones however are identical. And no, I don't work for the tuning box people and neither do i get commission......................... Sadly.
  6. Bi turbo diesel

    You don't need a 'pick list'. The Edge engine is a 2.0 TDCi, pretty much the same as the 180ps fitted to the latest level Ford Mondeo, the only difference is the 210ps in the edge is differently tuned. If you have to pick one go for the Mondeo 2.0 TDCi 180ps Powershift.
  7. Bi turbo diesel

    Have a look here :- http://www.energy-tuning.co.uk/ And before anyone starts, its all OK, perfectly legal and above board as long as you declare it to the insurance people. Most of the time it makes no difference to your premium. H
  8. Tailgate malfunction

    Spandex caught in the catch H
  9. Heated windscreen

    If you go to the ford.co.uk website owners area you can download and view an online users manual which explains everything. http://secure.ford.co.uk/OwnerServices/Owners-Manual?selectedYear=2017&selectedModel=Edge H
  10. Engine Auto Stop/Start

    I didn't say this was something which i would do but the OP wanted to permanently disable the system and the above procedure might just do that. H
  11. Engine Auto Stop/Start

    If somebody has time, try this. Start Car and run normally, turn off auto stop using switch in centre console. Pull of trim along side of centre console and disconnect multi-plug on switch with the engine running. The car thinks the switch is faulty so it disables the auto-stop permanently. I don't know if this puts any warning lights on or if there are any other side effects but its worth a try. H
  12. Divorce is final!

    Hi There, sorry for the delay in replying. Been really busy. Vignale Mondeo :- Alloy wheels soft, fake leather on steering wheel coming off, Sync2 rubbish, paint chips too easily, seat stitching coming apart, drivers side carpet wear, door mirror back fell off, new windscreen from new as laminate fault, LED headlamps have an annoying squint, boot floor carpet marks, tyre wear, paint bubble lower osf door, Lots of other minor things. Edge, so far so good. H
  13. Traffic Sign Recognition

    Hi, thanks for the reply. The videos and explanation cover the basic operation but not what the 'reduced performance' message means. Unless I missed it! H
  14. Traffic Sign Recognition

    Hi There Picked up new Edge yesterday, all seems OK but one of the setting says "Traffic Sign Recognition Reduced Performance". What does this mean and does it indicate an error which needs fixing? H
  15. Divorce is final!

    Isn't it strange, i'm doing just the reverse. Out of a Mondeo 2.0 Vignale into an Edge Titamium 2.0 Powershift with a Lux Pack. Bad experience with a good, but needy, Vignale. Hopefully the Edge will prove it's worth. H