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  1. Isn't it strange, i'm doing just the reverse. Out of a Mondeo 2.0 Vignale into an Edge Titamium 2.0 Powershift with a Lux Pack. Bad experience with a good, but needy, Vignale. Hopefully the Edge will prove it's worth. H
  2. Well, in a few weeks time the Mondeo Vignale will be gone and hopefully I'll have a nice new Edge Titanium Power-shift with Lux Pack to play with. First question, as always, is, can I enable drive-away auto-lock? Hamster
  3. Hi all First post for a long, long time. You can change from 'D' to 'S' almost willy nilly. The difference is electronically regulated. All 'S' does simply put is to keep the car in a lower gear for longer than would be the case for 'D'. This gives the impression of it being a bit more sporty. It is sometimes possible to demonstrate this by cruising along with a moderate throttle and knock it into sport, it should change down a gear which you can notice on the rev counter. Then knock it back to 'D' and it will change back up again. HTH H