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  1. Hi Guys, I'll try to explain my issues as clear as possible, but please excuse my lack of knowledge with this car. My car has a problem that i think has culminated in it not passing the MOT. When you first start the car in the morning, everything runs fine, the engine idles at 1200 rpm until warm (which doesn't take long) then goes down to idling at around 800-900 rpm. when idling when warm the engine seems slightly rough. now ,when i put the heaters on the idling becomes even worse, really shaky, the more laod you chuck at the engine the worse it becomes. the engine also sounds quite noisy. MOT stated the car was omitting excessive co2 and said that the Lamdba in the outlet manifold was prime suspect, is this the case? and does it sound like it could cause the other issues too?
  2. Focus Mk11.6 Zetec Rough Idle

    Hi, thanks for this. I have an slightly noisy exhaust as well, but i could just be imagining it. Where is the ICV and how do i clean it?
  3. Focus Mk11.6 Zetec Rough Idle

    Morning Guys, I bought a little focus yesterday, mainly to use as a second car and a run around. It does have an issue that i'm sure is quite easy to fix. When the car is idling it (when warm) it feels rather rough, it idles at about 750 rpm and just feels a bit shaky, when i pull away it's a tiny bit hesitant, but nothing too bad, when driving in normal driving circumstances its fine, it's only when you come to stop. I've seen on the net that this is quite a common problem, the car is a 2001 model with 113k on the clock , so i'm assuming a sensor , valve or pipe is leaking, where should i start looking? Any help would be great! Thanks,