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  1. Finally here DMBs ford badges have come and look sweet. Got them for only 10£ and looks the part too
  2. I changed mine to a xenon looks nice. Think its a 501 bulb same as sidelights Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  3. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  4. Its just facebook for ford members haha
  5. Ah well got them all ordered now just hope it doesnt take too long to deliver!
  6. Just ordered it haha chrome and white :) 11£
  7. What colours go best with white bare in mind my wheels are gloss black
  8. Cheers guys its all a legit company then right
  9. Anyone know any good places to get the ford badge in the black and white or white and red
  10. Big mistake gettin a style should have gone for the zetec you can mimic the st with the zetec
  11. From the album Zetec

  12. From the album Zetec

  13. From the album Zetec

  14. From the album Zetec

  15. I have this problem on my fiesta mk7.5 it has its good and bad days for now the usb is working fine but sometimes i have to switch to the AUX cable instead because it takes ages to sync all my music across and just says 'no autoplay while indexing'